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    wood pallets under gravel driveway?

    There is a 150 foot section on my mile long gravel driveway that does not have adequate drainage. Sooo.... it's muddy every spring. I could construct adequate drainage but it would require re-contouring the edge of one of the neighbors fields. I'd rather not listen to his bellyaching. It...
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    Deer Corn vs. Feed Corn

    Couple things I've noticed around here. Not much talk about GMO products anymore. It finally soaked in - the human race is GMO. And now the big thing is "ORGANIC". Gotta have some clever advertising twist to keep those folks happy. I don't know of anybody that feeds corn around here...
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    Pouring hydr oil from a 5-gal pail

    Whether it's engine oil or hydraulic oil - it's much easier to use a funnel on my M6040. I have a metal funnel with two foot flex spout. I wire it up to the FEL or top link so I don't have to hold it. It takes 16+ gallons of hydraulic oil. Soooo..... pour until tired - rest a spell -...
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    Soft snow plow edges for asphalt

    If you have a rear blade, winterdeer, reverse the blade 180 degrees and plow that way. This DEFINITELY will not damage the asphalt. I do it this way if the driveway is still soft and I really need to clear snow.
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    Hog Damage Drag attachments

    "Are those bolts or rebar". They are large spikes( nails ). I pre-drilled small diameter holes - clear thru the timbers - and used Gorilla glue to hold the spikes in place. I'm really surprised. The entire thing has lasted over six years and no repairs needed. Flop it on one side - its...
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    New Antonio Carraro 7600 TTR

    Sure is a nice looking tractor. An interesting piece of equipment.
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    Plowing County Road??

    I live in SW Spokane county. Hard to understand why they will not plow your county road. Must be that your property taxes aren't high enough. Based upon the property taxes on my 80 - the county road should be gold plated. I plow a short bit of our county road - access for the mailman...
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    Hog Damage Drag attachments

    No hogs here - just lots of pocket gophers. I made a 4' x 4' wooden drag for behind my ATV. I also reverse my rear blade behind my tractor. This is my drag......
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    Happy Thanksgiving from Texas

    Thank you. And to all - Happy Thanksgiving from EA WA state.
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    high gear paved road

    My Kubota M6040 has a Hydraulic Shuttle transmission and eight forward speeds. It's a geared tractor. If I can not find one gear that will allow me to climb a hill - I best not be there. To the OP - you have the gears.....use them.
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    Burn piles

    No permits nor approvals needed here. Just common sense..... I wait until I have a foot of snow on the ground before setting off my burn pile. Wildfires are just all too common in this neck of the woods.
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    Just bought a Kubota BX2230 and have some question

    I know exactly how you feel - FallingGirl. For twenty years we lived in a neighborhood with one acre lots. Nothing I could ever do on my lot was not under observation from one or more of my neighbors. We moved down from Alaska in 1982. The property is 80 acres and is set in one mile off...
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    How to level front end loader arms

    That begs the question. Are the FEL arms tweaked or has the FEL been attached to the tractor incorrectly.
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    How many of your friends do NOT have tractors?

    There was a young family that tried to make a go of it - just across the county road from my driveway. For whatever reason - they are selling their property. They did not have a tractor. Most everybody that I know and talk to - within a five mile radius - has some form of tractor. Our...
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    Thought you folks might like this...

    Somebody has a friend. Guess who gave the baby his snacks..........