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    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    As a life long but now retired professional welder I would use a Bessey style C clamp ( the sliding bar style) and a heating tip. Clamp it at the tip and start heating and tightening as it starts to move. This in not a major repair but a half hour job.
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    Exhaust options for my 4’ x 4’ generator shed

    I have what you almost have here in panama. My Westinghouse is a 7500/9000 in a 6x6 shed . In front of the engine side of the Gen I have a 1 square foot hole with expanded metel to keep out the larger critters. I have a good 16 inch fan sucking air and blowing on the engine. At the Gen /exhaust...
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    Beware of Catalytic Converter Thefts

    Many years ago at least 25 I was a welder for a machine shop we built a machine to cut open converters for a guy. He told me it took 25 full size converters to get a Oz of platinum. He broke them open put the contents in barrels and ship them to Europe to get the platinum extracted. He showed me...
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    built me some brush forks

    Nice. See folks it's true, as we get older we get smarter not stronger. Handy attachment
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    Welding a Disc Blade.

    As a life long professional welder I can tell you they are not cast iron. If that last photo is your weld you need more practice. Preheat with cutting torch or propane torch. Use 7018 weld the best you can and cool slowly, floor dry or cat litter is a good product for slow cooling. Pour 3 or 4...
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    Am I nutz?

    Not trying to be nasty but you could reinvent the wheel also. Buy a mixer and mix, dump it in your loader and drive and pour it.
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    New inexpensive trimode welder

    It's real easy if you were happy with your Everlast go get a Everlast mig. I am also very happy with my Everlast Mig and TIG welders Now retired welder my whole life. Second you will not find any made in America welder (Lincoln, Miller Hobart) etc for under about $3000. They can not compete...
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    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    Look in your area for any steel sales place. The welding shops have to be buying the steel they use from someone. Another source could be a steel scrap yard
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    Predator yay or nay

    If they are willing to ship to a addy in the US then why not to a freight forwarder. My opinion stands. They have their money no matter where it goes
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    crane added to trailer

    Nice. And as they say, as we get older we get smarter not stronger
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    Predator yay or nay

    Had the BS motor on my MTD lawn tractor break a connecting rod which on the net says happens to lots on them, put a predator 23 hp v twin and have 100 hours and no prolbem. The only bitch I have is with Harbour Freight, I live in Panama and they except Visa but will not ship to a freight...
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    Shoveling out a dump trailer - really!

    Years ago when I was in Canada I had a welding company and installed a 12 volt electric vibrators on a customer's gravel trucks. Not sure where he got them but all I had to do was cut a piece of plate about 12 inches Sq and drill and tap 4 holes and then weld them to the bottom of the truck box...
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    Mowing Steep Hills

    A friend has one called a Dixie Chopper 4x4 zero turn. When you want to turn a small set of wheels pops down and picks up the front tires to make the zero turn work. And he has some good step hills
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    Today, would you buy an EV vehicle.

    Well for me never. I remember when they were telling us about cell phones that we should not carry them in a shirt pocket, not to have them near your bed when sleeping, use hands free to keep it away from your head and now that EV came out all those health protection measures are not heard...
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    Smaller rear tires to lower tractor ROPS so I can fit into my trailer when hauling

    Find a good fab man and have him design a folding ROPS and build it. It's not rocket science