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    Free Ford 1210

    Take it get it running and look for a after market FEL if you need one. Before I moved from Canada to Panama I bought a Kobota B7001 (Grey market B7100) that had been a rice paddy machine in Vietnam before imported into Canada. The importer put on a after market loader and I brought it to...
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    12 hp Briggs & Stratton rebuild kits?

    When the connecting rod broke on my BS 16 hp MTD (common problem I read) I order a Predator 23 hp VTwin. Bolted right up the original holes and so far with 105 hours no problems. Only problem is HF will not ship to a freight forwarder so getting it to Panama was a bit harder
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    Lifting safe - Ballast Box needed?

    Like Ning said get it close to the ground but you do not move the tractor. Have the truck pull out from under the load and you let I down very slowly, then you move the tractor. Lean the bucket back as far as you can with the safe in it
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    Mini Excavator Brands, pros and cons?? Hours?

    I have a IHI NX15 with the 3 cyl yanmar. Hour Meter stopped years ago so a guess would be 4 to 5 thousand. It gas been a great little machine the last 12 years I have owned it. Getting some pin slop but nothing bad.. I welded up a thumb and it has been so handy. I am a retired welder from Canada...
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    Please critique the weld quality (photos enclosed)

    Not trying to be nasty but as a welder the last 50 years as a living they are very bad. Did you weld them up hand from bottom to top which is the correct way. You might want to hire someone if you want them to last. Those welds need to be ground out as there is just no going over them. And the...
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    Where to find Ford Backhoe 'Slim line' hydraulic fitting wrenches

    Just remember if you grind a wrench to fit keep it cool and don't let it get hot, the same as when you are sharping drill bits
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    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    Saw a video on YouTube years ago with a tractor hoe VS a crawler hoe of equal size. The tractor hoe did not stand a chance. Too many things you need to do to move up a few feet as compared to a crawler.
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    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    You are correct lastkidpicked I get lots of work from the big guys and hand out their numbers when it's to big for me and I am not seen as competition either as I have the only little machine within 60 miles.
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    Backhoe Vs. 12000 LB Mini EX

    Well my advice is not to go that big. I do everything you mentioned here with my IHI 15 NX which is a 4000 lb machine. Plus I also dig swimming pools. Besides the 12 inch bucket that came with the machine a built a 36 inch bucket with no teeth, it is great for softer material for moving more...
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    Another Grain Bin Incident

    One of the things I did for construction companies was mount viberators on the bottom of gravel boxes. They were about the size of a iron and 12 volt and the driver could give the load a little shake to make sure everything slid out. Would something like that work on bins
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    JD 385 baler

    Kind of related to round bales if you like using horses. Many years ago as a just out of school kind starting my welding career my step-dad farmed but also had a love for his draft horses. He would harness and un harness them twice a day just to feed his cows the round bails he made. He had me...
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    Another Grain Bin Incident

    Not a farmer so don't know for sure but would putting on a pair of snow shoes solve this problem if you had to enter a bin they seem to work great in snow
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    Case 480ck crank pulley removal

    Groves say left hand. Check with a bolt supply house next time you are in one If you own a good set of machinist micrometers like Mitutoyo heat a small block of steel red hot and let cool. It will be smaller as the metal molecules have moved tighter. 50 years welding has taught me lots and 15 of...
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    Case 480ck crank pulley removal

    2 things most left handed nuts are usually marked by having little groves cut on the six high points(hard to explain but easy to see if looking at the nut) and second anytime you heat a piece of steel red hot when it cools it is smaller than before you started thus tighter in your case
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    Groundsmaster 52 runs 10 minutes, then dies

    We do not have E fuel here in panama but remember back in Canada some people would wash the fuel to get it out for mowers and chainsaws. To wash get a clear jug, those 5 gallon water jugs for sale at grocery stores are good. Drink water or water plants. Put 4 gallons of gas in jug and a cup of...