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    I could never figure why people get upset if someone posts in caps?? Who cares?
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    Low tech compact tractor options

    I would look at Kioti LK3054xs or the updated LK30. The 3054xs is a simple, mechanically injected, mechanical shut down, no fuel solenoid 3 cylinder engine with advertised 30.5 hp, 4 wheel drive with an eight speed gear .transmission [4high-4 low two speed reverse] drop dead simple tractor. The...
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    SLO blo fuse

    Earlier units had it incorporated in the wire harness adjacent the starter
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    Bought two gallon jugs of fleet guard diesel antifreeze at TSC to service the cooling system of my tractor. One jug had been opened and the foil seal punctured. Brought it back and was refunded my money. Told the cashier they should check returned items before they put them back on the shelf for...
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    New Tractor Problems

    If he jacks the loader up and then puts the loader valve in the center/neutral position the loader will stay raised
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    Especially with a 365hp, 327, four speed manual and 4:56 gears; awesome vehicle
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    MossRoad; what part of this do people not understand? an old saw; figures can lie and liars can figure. cover your a--
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    KennyG; profit is money made over and above actual costs. losses are not monies lost but "(predicted) gains or profits" not realized
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    Scout by... Volkswagen ?!?!?!? Electric, no less.

    My question on EV's, living as I do in the northeast, what kind of "mileage" can you expect during winter storms when you need wipers, cabin heat, headlights, defroster etc. I can't imagine it would be much
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    Tachometer issues

    GM has had this issue for a while. I had a 1993 GMC 1/2 ton, bought new and it had a history of gauge issues. Dealer replaced the dash pod numerous times and it still had the problem when I sold it 7 years later with 125,000 miles on it
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    Diesel prices take a jump yet again

    Well I'm happy for ya, but most of us can't write it off, or pass it on to folks "down the road"; we are the people "down the road"
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    Seafoam for real?

    A friend had an old pavement saw given him. We could not start the saw with the choke, so removed the plug, poured a little fuel into the cylinder and got it started. Did not run well and would not idle. I suggested he pour two capfuls of the sea foam into the tank. Started the saw as we had...
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    Adding Color to Motor Oil??

    If I have an issue seeing oil level on a particular dip stick due to its shine, I heat the dip stick, in the checking range, with a propane torch turning that section of the stick much darker. It truly helps seeing the oil level. DO NOT attempt this on dipsticks made of non-metallic material, of...
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    Kubota parts.

    use caution; you don't want to burn through the can
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    Kubota parts.

    I would braze as opposed to welding or JB' ing it.