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    DK10SE HST Cab, which engine

    I expect purchasing a second tote and only filling them both 2/3rds full may be slightly cheaper than buying an RX?!?
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    Currently In Decision Phase - Tons Of Info To Be Had - Hopefully This Helps Some

    Thanks for the promised review! I was expecting more detail, but hey, if it has a cup holder then I guess everything else is fluff. [emoji1787] Hope you are enjoying it.
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    DK10SE HST Cab, which engine

    Congratulations on the NX5510. It is just barely broken in [emoji6]. I have a 2016 DK5010 and am happy with its capacity. I can lift a 5gal can of fuel with a bent elbow (for a few seconds!!), but I cannot hold it with an outstretched arm - 3' out. Here is an easy way to calculate the loader...
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    2017 DK4510 Shifter Linkage Leaking at Transmission

    Did you get it fixed?
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    2017 DK4510 Shifter Linkage Leaking at Transmission

    I did not need to. You can loosen the bottom tank brackets and tip the tank down a couple of inches if needed. I would not recommend removing the fuel lines (and tank) as that requires you to purge the air out of the system after which can be a pain.
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    2017 DK4510 Shifter Linkage Leaking at Transmission

    Mine leaked around the boot. I slipped a hose clamp down the shaft and worked it onto the boot. With enough socket extensions, I was able to tighten the clamp. Problem solved. It took 6 attempts holding my phone up in the cavity to get this photo!
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    Newbie question

    I read through the responses and did not see this mentioned, which was something I did not understand at first. If you want to be in 4th gear, you do not start in first and shift your way to 4th like a road vehicle. Instead you chose 4th gear from a stop, chose forward or reverse with the...
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    Pat's Easy Change System and Canada

    I took a close look at these and passed. I could not see them lasting as I back into my 1300 lb concrete counterweight and then carrying it around.
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    Mini split questions?

    If I understand, you are thinking of placing the 'outdoor' unit inside the unheated side of your basement rather than outdoors. In my opinion, that would not be wise. A 12000 BTU heat pump can provide 3500watts of heat but it gets it from where the outdoor unit is. You would be removing 3500w of...
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    what on earth does electricity cost near you?

    Piloon likely heats with natural gas, but his electricity rates are about the cheapest in North America. Quebec sells a great deal of energy to New England states and to Maritime provinces in Canada. In New Brunswick, I pay $0.1138 per KWH + $25 /mo for the service + 15% tax. We are in the...
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    Building a custom home - HVAC options - could use a bit of help please!

    I can't imagine installing straight air conditioning when you need heat as well. Heat pump is the better way to go. I am heating in Canada with a heat pump and my backup heat source does not kick in. Depending on the outdoor temperature, I get between 2.5Kw and 4KW of heat per 1KW of electricity...
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    Pat's Easy Change System and Canada

    I am interested, but not until they sign up a Canadian distributor/reseller and bulk ship product across the border. Until then, just too pricey.
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    Kioti ck3510 vs dk 4210

    Compare the rear wheels. The DK should have bolted centers that allow you to widen the stance/width of the tractor and this is a great safety feature, especially for new owners, if you are. (Some CK models have adjustable centers as well). Have the dealer do this before delivery. The extra lift...
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    2019 DK5510

    From my invoice. [emoji853] Yes, open station.
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    2019 DK5510

    The only concern I would have would be with wear and tear on the clutch and shuttle shift synchronizers. This is not covered by warranty and the labour just to split the tractor open and put it back together is 15 hours labour, not counting repair parts and time. Do the math.