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    Kubota L35 No Power Steering, Forward or Reverse

    Well they replaced the hydraulic pump and they said when they put it in gear it moved about 6" and started pouring hydraulic oil from underneath. After testing and trouble shooting they said the clutch pack was bad! Another $4900.
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    Kubota L35 No Power Steering, Forward or Reverse

    The PS/Transmission pump was bad, I took it to the Kubota dealer and that's what they found. $2800!!!!
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    Kubota L35 No Power Steering, Forward or Reverse

    I have a 2003 Kubota L35 tractor with the FEL and backhoe, it has 2100 hours on it. My power steering started being a little hard every once in a while but for the most part worked ok, then it got progressively worse over the last week, until it went completely out and when it did the...
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    Kubota L35 hydraulic filter screen

    I suspect I have a plugged filter screen in my suction line for the Transmission and Power Steering. I can't find any information on how to access and replace it. Anyone know anything about replacing the filter screen on a Kubota L35? It looks like you may have to remove major parts on the side...
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    Kubota L185 cranks but will not start?

    Well I have been trying to get my kubota L185 to run ever since I replaced the steering sector gear box. I bought the tractor a few weeks ago, it had a lot of slack in the steering wheel. I ordered a new steering gear box and installed it a couple of days ago. As you know if you have ever done...
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    Hello Everyone

    Glad to be on the forum with you all. I have a Kubota L185 tractor and have 2 acres I use it on.