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    Zetor 6340 engine oil leak

    Looks like it's the breather plate the oil filler is attached to. My 7045 was the same, try using some Hylomar or Permatex on the gasket.
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    Clutch throw-out bearing release lever pivot point fork breaking

    May be worth annealing the new casting thoroughly before you fit it? If you have a wood stove, put it in there & heat it up to dull red for a while, then let it cool down as slowly as possible - keep immersed in the wood ash, or let the stove go out by itself if that is practicable. Should...
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    10 ton manual wood splitter, convert to run on remotes

    I think a standard 3Point splitter goes for between £350-550 second hand, so I agree if you are starting from scratch to buy an RSJ, plates & angle iron, cylinder, valve & lines it makes much more sense to buy a used one. If you have a supply of what my wife calls "scrap" & I call "stock" plus...
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    10 ton manual wood splitter, convert to run on remotes

    I had the same manual splitter (Ebay second hand £12)& the same idea as you! The problem with using the jack with externally supplied hydraulic pressure is that there is no return path for the oil. In a jack the cylinder overflows (small hole near top of bore) into the external case which holds...
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    logsplitter lift

    Don't need one myself, since 90% of my wood is from hedgelaying, so max 6-8" dia, but the best solution I've seen is from NZ :- He's a very clever bloke, that one!
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    1982 5211 PTO selector disconnected

    Yes - the pin has just broken on my 7045 on the HI-Lo lever so I am now stuck in Hi. Need to remove cab floor on mine too.
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    How to catch 11 gallons of oil?

    Don't your kids cry?
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    Self-closing gravity gate (angled hinges)

    How about this type? The bottom hinge is the two legged one, so it's self closing in both directions Self-Closing Hinge Sets for Chain Link & Tubular Gates - Hoover Fence Co. - All things Fence and Fence Related
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    drilling a hole 12inches deep???

    I don't have a picture of my setup - last time I did it I was boring the base of an old Redding shotgun reloading press I'd been given. This was only about 4" wide, but the principle is the same. I did find this set up, which gives the general idea, though a LOT newer (& smaller) than my lathe !
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    Long 445

    I have an UTB 445DT which is the 4WD version of the Long 445. This is a selectable 4 WD or front wheel assist arrangement. On mine the front axle can move forward or backward by over 1/8"! I could, for now, slide in a brass thrust washer to take up this slack, but its clear the trunnion bearings...
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    Backhoe /TPH hydraulic conundrum (long)

    I have a Long 445DT which comes fitted with a factory remote hydraulic valve intended to operate a double acting cylinder via two quick connects at the rear. Down feeds one connect & up feeds the other. It has previously been modified so that the lever-down valve outlet is piped to a spool...
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    PTO speeds

    My PTO has two options (plus neutral). One is 540 & the use is obvious, but the other is "Ground Speed" - what would that be used for?
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    Lift arms rising by themselves

    I'm using a tractor with a TPH mounted implement basically for the first time ( an Universal 445DT sold as a Long445 or Allis 5045 in USA ) & running a 5 ft Rhino topper similar to a Bush Hog with a rear castor wheel. I've selected position control & set the TPH arms for a suitable height to...
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    Toplink Toplink pin

    I'm having trouble fitting a toplink pin (3/4") to a Universal 445 (Long 445 or Allis Chalmers 5040 in US). I've turned some pins to 3/4" on the lathe - they fit the toplink well, but I cant get them into the toplink housing on the tractor - there's no way to get a straight push on the pin to...
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    Allis 5040 /Long 445 toplink

    Just thought I'd turn up some 3/4" pins on the lathe to fit a top link to my Long 445 ready to run a bush hog & mower I'm picking up Wednesday night. Pins are great & fit the top link easy, but cannot get them into the toplink support on the tractor. There are 4 holes for the toplink pin, but I...