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    Kubota B26 TLB front axle bearing repair

    I doubt the grease trick will do the job - it works well with bushes, like the pilot bearing in a crank, but the grease will just extrude through the balls. I admit I've never tried it with cloth as well though. Careful (eyes) if you try it because the grease can jet out between balls, or any...
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    Kubota B26 TLB front axle bearing repair

    If there is no room under the bearing to get the puller legs in from the inside, you will have to destroy the bearing to remove (might not be a bad idea to replace it anyway - they are usually marked with the bearing code & are cheap enough if you don't go to a Kubota dealer! ) Weld a bar across...
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    very hot -battery cable

    . Blimey - talk about money to burn!! Don't buy anything until you have thoroughly cleaned the battery cable connections & the earthing point(s) on the engine & chassis. 10:1 it's just a bad connection. Next thing is to check the cable terminations. If these are bad then just shorten the cable...
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    Gas engine HP for a 6ft flail mower?

    Depends what you want to cut - on my land, a lowland marsh, cutting rushes 3ft high will bog down my 70hp Zetor tractor unless you slow down to 1 or 2 mph! That's with a 6ft Turner extreme heavy duty flail mower that weighs over 15 cwt (1700lbs). Cutting grassland in a more arid climate than...
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    I'm surprised that the rocker adjustment is not capable of accomodating a head skim without further work. If you find out how many thou the head was skimmed, say 20 thou (.020"). If 20 thou was taken off then 20 thou needs putting back - simples! Then get some 20 thou flat sheet & cut out the...
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    Rather than disturb the head again, just fit spacers under the rocker towers?
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    Ford 1720 cranks won’t start

    Shutoff solenoid has a pull-in coil & a hold-in coil. Sounds like the pull in works, but the hold-in doesn't? If current is kept applied to the pull-in coil it will burn out, which sounds as if it is happening. If the solenoid is external to the injection pump & just acts on the linkage (like on...
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    Clutch Issue in Zetor 5211?

    Ah! If the HNL lever is limp then have another look. You should definitely have some feel as you move from H-N-L and back. There is a pin that connects the lever to the shaft that is notorious for dropping out. Yours may be partially out & occasionally sliding out, then back in? It happened...
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    USA Manufactured 3-Pt. TRANSPORT BOXES / DUMPING CARRYALLS ~ Anyone bought? Does no one in America make these? There are multiple firms in UK offering these since the 1950's at least & probably earlier...
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    "Troy Bilt" 27 ton log splitter, add winch? (Not 20 ton. Helps to know your own equipment)

    Rather than a lift, I tend to agree with you & this bloke:-
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    Clutch Issue in Zetor 5211?

    I agree it sounds like there is some binding on the splines of the shaft. Try spraying some brake & carb cleaner, ideally with a tube nozzle, onto the shaft through the inspection port? Work the clutch pedal up & down a lot & keep respraying until you think you have cleaned up the splines. I...
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    Zetor 6340 engine oil leak

    Looks like it's the breather plate the oil filler is attached to. My 7045 was the same, try using some Hylomar or Permatex on the gasket.
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    Clutch throw-out bearing release lever pivot point fork breaking

    May be worth annealing the new casting thoroughly before you fit it? If you have a wood stove, put it in there & heat it up to dull red for a while, then let it cool down as slowly as possible - keep immersed in the wood ash, or let the stove go out by itself if that is practicable. Should...