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    Massey Ferguson TO-35 Owner's Manual, Service Manual, and Parts Book Complete Set PDF

    Hello all, I thought I would share my PDF manuals for TO-35 tractors. These manuals for the American Ferguson's are difficult to find online in PDF form. Included are the Owner's Manual, Workshop Service Manual, and Illustrated Parts Catalog for parts lookup. The service manual also covers MF50...
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    Loader Modification to Davis loader for easier access to hood hinge bolts on TO-35 tractors

    Due to the Davis loader, the hood does not tilt forward, so to access the engine, the entire hood must be removed. The hood hinge bolts, however, are in a tight spot making them difficult to access and even more difficult to reinstall while trying to align the hood. To make this easier while I...
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    Loader Bucket repair on Davis loader on Ferguson TO-35

    Davis loader bucket repair on TO-35
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    New project: 1960 Ferguson TO-35

    I picked up this 1960 Ferguson TO-35 on Craigslist for $2500. Needs some love. I'm working on a full restoration on it. I'll post pictures as I go.