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    Groan 3; the Sequel

    My brother thought a popular song in the 50s was "Shake, Marilyn Monroe."
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    Amazon suggestionst

    I agree with your point. I notice, however, that you succumb to the typical retailer's tactics. To me, there is a $23 scanner and a $159 scanner listed.
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    Harbor Freight Tools that DO SUCK II

    Just out out my Post Versalog (slide rule) that I bought about 62 years ago, for the outrageous price of around $27. Still works great, but getting more than three digits of resolution is impossible. For that I go to my HP15C, which cost about $125 about 40 years ago.
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    If I find one (rattler) about 3 feet or longer, it generally makes it to the table. Good chow. Got one a few years ago, immediately cut off the head. It went through the striking motions after that when I touched it. Weird...
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    Is quality going downhill?

    The old and cranky part is probably justified. I am also justifiably accused of trying to save money on my purchases. The rifle is from a well known European manufacturer. I am aware of the scope requirements--I have been an air rifle user for about 35 years. The scope provided with the...
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    Is quality going downhill?

    Maybe I'm just getting old and cranky. I have had to send items back or use warranties more the last year than ever before. Bought an air rifle from a major manufacturer that will not group well from a rest. It is going back tomorrow. Bought a scope for the rifle that became fuzzy after a...
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    Anyone else have an unusually large number of hummingbirds this year?

    This year has been unusual. The hummer population has been lower than usual and we have seen no young ones.
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    What to do with an old pressure tank?

    I cut one in half and made it into a barbecue. Never worked, but...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I bought one and it quit operating within a few months. Luck of the draw, I guess.
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    Good movies,,, well there are a few.......

    My wife recommended finding a DVD of "Gettysburg." Apparently there are three or four versions. Any ideas which is preferable?
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    When times get really tough, those who prepare will have to deal with those who did not.
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    Maybe the sockets are at fault. A weakened center contact can cause your problem.
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    Ford Production

    Of more serious concern is that someone has pointed out that our military systems now rely on ICs that are made in foreign countries.
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    Remembering the USS Johnston, Lost at Leyte Gulf in Oct. '44, ID'd last week

    I just finished reading "The Battle for Leyte Gulf" by C. Vann Woodward. Good reading.
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    ?????? GROAN

    All these posts about wrenches remind me of the coworker, many years ago, who had his wife running all over town looking for a metric Crescent wrench. She got back at him by sewing shut the fly on his underwear.