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    Cold weather start, with glow plugs and block heater. Why does my tractor not start at minus 20 C?

    Kubota 6060 with block heater. Same frustration for several years. I’ve even resorted to having used ether a few times. But luckily, I’ve found the trick that works for me. Plug it in the night before to start your snow plowing the next morning. You have to have it heating for 8 hours or...
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    How soon is soon enough for Super UDT2 in Front Axle ?

    Same use as me, and my bearings in the front end failed twice in 4000 hours. Now I run a 1500 lb ballast box and no more dirty oil or failures.
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    Just a little dangerous.... imo

    Why is everyone a critic? This person actually got off their rear end and built something. Let them learn the shortcomings themselves. I think anyone who builds their own… should be commended!
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    Surprised by need for rear ballast with L 4060 in this situation

    I built a ballast box loaded with steel, 1500lb. Perfect setup. I can use a grapple moving big logs, no problem. It stays on the tractor nearly all the time.
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    Bigger HST machines.

    HST for loader/grapple work, but for field work go Gears.
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    My L3901 seems WAY under-powered to me

    Responses in the last few posts have identified the problem. Not enough oil going to the primary pump. Kubota has had this problem for years. In my L6060, if you work on hills, you will be frustrated. Going steep uphills the tranny jerks like someone playing with a clutch pedal, whilst the...
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    Forward Exit Horizontal Exhaust??

    Must be wet where you live. Here, in dry powder like soil conditions, any tractor work will send billows of powder dust into the air, and settles on the windshield. You’re good for only 10 minutes, then have to get out a squeegee to clean the window. I’ve modified mine so it blows ahead and...
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    Does engine HP affect driving power

    I had a 34 hp Kubota, now have the 60 hp. The 34 hp would struggle going up a hill with a bucket of gravel, always operated in range 2 or even 1. Now with the 60 hp, almost never use range 1, always in 2 or 3. So yes, long winded answer to your question. 25hp is quite inadequate to be doing...
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    New Husqvarna 550 XP (Frustration to joy experience)

    About two months ago, I decided to do some reading/research towards an upgrade to a new chainsaw. Currently owning bigger saws, a (357xp and 372xp) and a smaller saws (350(older) and T540 top handle) I decided to pick up a new 550XP with a 20" bar. It was not without apprehension, because of...
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    New Kubota L6060HST Cab and Loader

    Lungdoc, answer to your question.... yes my buttons match. The way I understand it, is if the auto regen starts while you are indoors, you can press the left button to inhibit until you get the machine outdoors. I have only gone through 2 regeneration cycles, so next time, I will press the...
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    New Kubota L6060HST Cab and Loader

    I recently traded in my 10 year old 3300hrs L3430HST "open air" for the newer L6060 HST version, except with a cab. Just at the 50 hour mark, so can't really say much except that I'm going through some teething pains right now mainly with the hydrostatic steering. Anyone out there with the...
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    New Member here.

    I'm looking forward to checking whats going on here. Maybe learn something, Hopefully I can help someone too.