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    Dead goose mystery

    Coyote got the one legged goose, killed 2 and carried one off. He will be back in a week or 2. Look around the water line for tracks. You can get a camera but it won't save your geese. You might get some pictures but you'll probably never see the yote.
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    Marmot Infestation

    Double bubble
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    2005 Jinma 284 won't start!

    Did you know..... That machine probably has a safety circuit that won't allow the machine to start unless the machine is in neutral, someone is sitting in the seat with the clutch depressed? Sometimes those switches fail or get moved or broken. You really need to get the meter like Willy said...
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    Marmot Infestation 131$ a skin.....?
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    Manurhin MR73 Anyone considering this purchase? Seems like it may be a good investment.
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    The Landscape thread

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    The Landscape thread

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    Diving duck blues....

    Taj Mahal & Keb' Mo' - Diving Duck Blues - 8/14/2017 - Paste Studios, New York, NY - YouTube
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    The Landscape thread

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    1943 Briggs and Stratton comes to life

    I just found this guy on Youtube today. He's got a habit that more than a few of us here have, but he's got it bad. If he's not the best shade tree mechanic on youtube, he's on the short list. This is over 50 minutes and it was hard for me to stop watching it've been warned.
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    125 C.F. argon co2 mix

    How much should it cost to get my tank refilled or an exchange for it? I own the tank. I haven't bought gas in a while and just got a price from airgas that was twice what I paid last time. I just need a benchmark Thanks
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    Wet year in N. FL

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    using your tractor to pull a tree over

    I don't know what to say about this other than I was pretty sure is was going to be an epic fail. Seems like hiring a stump grinder is still a smart option. But it's an interesting video.....
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