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    New Stihl?

    Nothing bad to say about Echo; have a pole saw I like. But I also still use 2 almost 40 year old Stihl 024(great great granddaddy to the MS261). Older Pro saw that still work great and has cut A LOT of wood. That saw has provided decades of bang for the buck. That was an expensive saw 40 years...
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    Somebody Feed Phil

    Anyone else watch? The shows in Brazil and Argentine were great; they know their meat for sure.
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    TC40D Electrical issue

    I just had problems on my TC40D a week ago. While checking the fuses, I just happened to notice mice had chewed thru three of the wires going to the key switch. Grrrrr....
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    Pulled pork sandwiches today

    Smoked Mac and Cheese is really good...
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    NH TC40D rear hydraulics

    I have a NH TC40D. It does not have rear remotes for tip/tilt, or auxiliary lines to run a log splitter. The factory parts are discontinued. I have not been able to fin any aftermarket support that would bolt in like the factory valves and pipe did. I don't see anything from Shibuara. Are...
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    rock tumbling/polishing

    Anyone tumble/polish rocks? Got a Thumbler A-R6 from a friend who used to used it for tumbling brass. I have vibratory tumblers to use for brass... Of all places, Harbor Freight had some Thumbler media kits when I was there this weekend, so I bought some. Now looking for info on how full to...
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    Mountain Man Breakfast

    Here is another of Byron Bills recipes; wish I knew what happened to him and his site. It's a great breakfast for a bunch of hungry adult leaders on a Boy Scout campout :D I have used this recipe as a reference, and embellished. Here are some variations I have done: - More garlic - Less bell...
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    Italian Sausages With Peppers And Onions

    I have made this recipe a number of times in a camp Dutch oven. It is very good, especially if you are working outside and have a burn pile going; you can use coals from fire to cook with. Hoagie rolls or french bread sandwich rolls work great. I give full credit to the now defunct Byron Bills...
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    Hour meter operation

    I have a NH TC40D. The hours seem to rack up must faster than my old Kubota B8200. The B8200 tach was mechanical. The hour meter tracked PTO speed close. When I was mowing, at PTO speed, an hour on the meter was an hour mowing. But when running at mid RPM doing various chores, the hour meter...
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    Granny had a Beverly Hills cookbook

    Wow, did not know this till recently... Granny from the Beverly Hillbillys had a cookbook! Bet there's some good possum...
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    Bacon Macaroni and Cheese with Extra Sharp White Cheddar

    My wife has had this recipe for a long time; not sure where she got it. Rec.Cooking from the old days of internet? She embellished the recipe over the years a little. We make this two different ways. Make by the recipe OR Finish it in the smoker instead of the oven. I have an electric...
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    Water and electric to 5th wheel

    Looking to run water and power out to the pad where I park a 5th wheel. The water supply and panel are at the well-house, about 75' from the 5th wheel pad. I plan to rent a backhoe to trench, not a walk behind trencher. Can the water line and direct bury wire go in the same ditch? What is...
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    3 2 1 smoke ribs

    I have had good luck with my electric smoker using that method. Have some going right now. I'm on the fence about adding sauce the last hour; I kind of like little or no sauce; the meat should not need it if it is seasoned and cooked right. Like putting steak sauce on a steak; not one I bought...
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    Have had one of the Ronco rotisserie for a few year now. I thought "As seen on TV" and "Sett it and forget it" would be a piece of junk... We have used it at least once a week for 5 years now. It still keep chugging away! Our favorite is a whole chicken, although we also do pork roast here and...
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    Rice Pudding

    It took me a long time to find a rice pudding recipe I like. I found this on the web some time ago, and embellished it to my tastes. It takes some work, stirring for 20 minutes, but it is worth the effort. Sometimes I use brown sugar instead of white sugar. Most every time I double the recipe...