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    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    I've never ran to any issues, but I do run unusually large TW size tanks, 350 CU/FT. My buddy works at a gas tank filling station and got me the tanks free, I had to pay to have them sent out to be pressure tested and refurbished with new paint and valves. The nice thing is that they last...
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    Bending Metal?? Looking for some advice

    Rosebud tip on your torch will put a lot of heat over a larger area. That can be reshaped like it's made of butter, easy with the right tip on the torch. It's tough to cherry up a larger area of thick steel when your trying to use a burning nozzle on a torch. If that is all you have, try and...
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    Premium UDT Oil for Kubota

    So far as I am aware, there is no "aftermarket" hydraulic fluid that matches the requirements for a Kubota that is designed for using the Super UDT2. The $60 TSC fluid would not meet the requirements.
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    How to make a 12' to 15' light post?

    I purchased some solar LED 300W street lights to place along my driveway. What I did not think of was how to get a post to mount them to. I saw some Youtube videos where people tried 4x4 posts and they said that a 16' 4x4 stuck 3' into the ground with concrete swayed like the dickens in wind...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    I bought into the Lynnx brand that was prior to Atlas. They no longer sell batteries or anything related. Let's hope your Atlas doesn't get rendered obsolete as well. I'm going to move to all Ego with the 54V Arc Lithium batteries.
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    DPF Regeneration driving me crazy...

    I have a 2021 Kubota L3560SE that has 105 hours on it. At almost exactly 50 hours it went into regen, and again at 101 last weekend. I typically run at or very near full throttle, so both regen cycles would have been un-noticed by me if I had not had the display set to show the filter %. There...
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    If You Were To Get A New 6 Ft Finish Mower - What Would You get?

    From around late November to mid April you can't drive a tractor or UTV on our slope unless the ground freezes. You'll slide 400' down into the trees while peeling the grass from the wet ground beneath. Even at this point your sliding sideways trying to get across, screwing up the grass. I do...
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    If You Were To Get A New 6 Ft Finish Mower - What Would You get?

    Sitrex, Italian made and very reliable.
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    Riding mower vs BX

    That has Hydro Great ZT-2200 hydrostatic drive units. That wouldn't make a single mowing season here pushing my steep yard. Those value ZT units are likely the cats meow for folks living in the flat lands, but I happen to live on a cliff covered with grass [emoji23] and any tractor I buy has to...
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    Riding mower vs BX

    A BX mows flat out in low range at 3.5 MPH. A garden tractor with the Hydrogear G730 mows at 8 MPH and a Garden tractor with a Tuff Torq K66 mows at 6.5 MPH according to GPS. I own both. The BX would be a horrible mower in that it is slow, heavy and costly. A Husqvarna 354DX with a Kawasaki...
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    Hi-Lift Jacks... debating 4ft vs 5ft..

    I've had a Hi-Lift Xtreme 48" since 2014, and I have used it. I also consider it a tool of last resort. It has tried (never successfully) to hurt/maim/kill while being used. They are awesome once you pull of that task, but they are scary as all heck to use... especially after you have witnessed...
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    Hydraulic top link ball end liberated itself.

    That's a better picture of the liberated contraption.
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    Hydraulic top link ball end liberated itself.

    Oh, it was his fault and he knows it. He had a triaxle of dirt dropped and wanted to knock the top off and drive up onto it and push the top of the pile off the backside. As he climbed the front wheels up, the box blade that was fully raised ended up gouging into the ground and he was pretty...
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    JD 450C Dozer?

    Man. I think we may have under-valued the one we sold 2 years ago! It was a fully operating and functional machine, sold for $7,000 plus $500 to deliver it aver an hour away. I believe it was about a 1984? It had 1,100 hours on the still working meter.
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    How much more would it cost you to buy your tractor(s) today?

    I just left the build my Kubota page, mine is $61,949 now I believe I pad around $57K for it last year.