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    Truck towing overloaded kills, driver gets felony charges.

    I'm wondering if the trailer brake system is non functioning and that led to his crash. I understand the truck is grossly under sized, but I also know that with my 14k equipment trailer, dump trailer and 7k utility trailer...I can skid the tires with a load on. My truck doesn't barely need...
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    Truck towing overloaded kills, driver gets felony charges.

    Here it is, the unicorn everyone asks about.... Where the driver gets charges based on an overloaded truck.
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    Generic question on CUT tractor hours

    Chances are, if you need to drag with another machine to get it to fire.... the engine is plum worn out. Compression is to low, it can't squeeze and fire off the fuel at the rotational speed supplied by the starter. You drag it fast enough, it fires. It warms up and tightens up a bit, it can...
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    Kubota f3560

    Translated: Exactly it is equal to that machine.. I'm looking for the manual to fix it... but on the internet it is not found for this model.. I read that Arto managed to get it to two of the forum who had the same problem
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    Kubota f3560

    It is not what I thought it was. It is some form of subcompact class of build but appears built backwards with the larger tires in the front and what looks like an out front mounted belly mower more similar to a zero turn. Kubota F3560 Outfront Mower Auction (0015-8012856) | Grays Australia
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    Kubota f3560

    Never mind... Gooogle is awesome! I asked to translate Italian to English... "Good evening everyone I am new to the forum. I am a gardener who owns several work machines including a Kubota f3560, I have lost the manual and I would like help from someone if you can help me find it. I have tried...
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    Kubota f3560

    Can anyone translate this? I am assuming that he is asking about an equiv to the USA model L3560?
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    Locking axle

    I wonder if the back of the large bevel gear has a casting defect that is allowing the back side to rub that path into the cast housing? Could also be that the large bevel gear was machined incorrectly and it is setting back a few mills deeper than design drawings would suggest.
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    Where to find this piece

    Just use a shock bushing and cut it if you need to. Any parts store should be able to source one. Tell them you need upper shuck bushings for a 2014 Wrangler if they need a make/model/year. Go to Amazon and type in "front shock bushing" and you'll see lots of options that can easily be cut...
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    Dump Trailer Questions

    The tow vehicle can't recharge or recover the battery back to full during a long day of multiple lifts. But you do replace some of what was consumed. Think like this... you use 10% of the battery for a heavy lift, drive back to get filled and drive back to dump site and in that time you...
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    Harbor Freight Tools that don't suck

    It's linked to your name, phone number and email. No invoice needed.
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    Kubota Dealer Issues-Present

    My dealer has UTV machines ordered from this fall with a spring of..... 2023!! Expected delivery. 2023. That's not a typo.
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    Kubota Dealer Issues-Present

    Now that is funny! I will for sure take a look. I do not allow food or drink other than bottled water in my vehicles.... I hope that the dudes building it are not the first to be caught breaking one of my cardinal rules!
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    Kubota Dealer Issues-Present

    And the dealer has a large portion of the items, really it is the BH92 (backhoe) subframe mounting kit that is non existent. I asked about taking it in the get all but the backhoe done and they do not want to take scheduled shop time 2 different times to do part of the job now and schedule in...