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    Replacing fuel line?

    Hard to tell for sure with wiring loom over fitting in the picture but it almost looks like a banjo style fitting on the engine side?
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    Replacing fuel line?

    Use same diameter brake line? Remove your line and take to auto parts store to match up length? If you don't have tubing cutter and flaring tools some stores will shape and finish a line for you?
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    Dash Issue?

    In the auto repair world U codes are module communication faults. Typically caused by weak grounds or voltage drop. Perhaps your battery is a little short on reserve and during cranking voltage drops enough that a module goes offline until voltage builds again?
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    No engine oil or filter available from the dealer I bought a new Boomer 55 from

    In North Carolina the 0w40 full syn is probably less critical than up North for winter starting. If you can't find 0w40 the 5w40 full synthetic diesel oil would probably be okay in your region. Purpose of 0w40 is faster oil circulation to turbo oil feed to protect the bearings on cold start...
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    Montana 5740 loader "sinking"

    Have you tried operating the loader repeatedly to full lift and lower? Perhaps if a little debris is in the valve it will get dislodged? Just a thought for you to try.
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    Seeking wisdom and experience - planning for a future alone

    Everyone's path forward after the loss of a spouse is different. My wife's brother lost his perfectly healthy wife to a sudden miocardial infarction last year at the age of 56. EMT's said she was gone before she hit the floor, which awakened him from an afternoon nap. This was a year last...
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    How to repair tire?

    15 year old tires, why not just replace both front tires? They are not that expensive compared to the rear ones.
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    Trailer choice before I make a mistake

    F-350 crew 4x4 here 6.2 3.73 gears. Bumper pull PJ 22' deck over tilt bed. Have hauled 14 round bales @ 900lb, grunts taking off on grade but hauled it great. Have hauled skid steers, cabbed tractors with loaders on 600 mile hilly trips.
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Don't forget the reason you scrimped and saved your money all these years was to enjoy it in your retirement. Take your rmd and spend it on something fun. Someone else will do that after you are gone if you don't.
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    No 90 Weight Gear Oil

    What calls for straight 90w gear oil? Usually it's 75w90, 80w90, 75w140. What are you putting it in that wants that spec?
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    Off road diesel - How do you find locations?

    Here in Wisconsin off road is 40 cents cheaper due to no tax, just bought some Saturday.
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    How to blade gravel without 3-point float?

    Blade is turned to 45* angle when driving forward? Angle top link to not cut so deep if possible. Grade it in the opposite direction forward with blade at 45* in other direction too. Then tilt bucket slightly down and back drag to fill in divots. Don't drop back blade fully down and make more...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Worked for a Walmart vendor in late 70's and early 80's when Mr Sam was still alive. He personally visited every store once a year and shook every associate's hand. Profit sharing for every employee was company stock distribution. Share price was posted daily in break room. Lots of truck...
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    Retirement Planning - Lessons Learned

    Back to the debt discussion I read a great book when I was young called How To Beat The Salary Trap. Rule #1 was pay yourself first, live on 90% of your income and invest the difference...this was pre 401k. Rule #2 never finance a depreciating asset. At the time it was the best advice I had...
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    John Deere 285 - no starting, but, lots of clicking... and some other oddities

    My money is still on poor ground to engine, frame, or battery post.