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    Burned Up Trailer Wiring

    12 volt charge wire is generally only hot when ignition is on.
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    Glow plugs

    Not sure for your brand but with most tractors left is a manual position to command glow plugs on. Right is engine temp sensor driven cycle. If engine or outside temp is warm your indicator may not come on as preheat is not needed per sensors.
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    Buying Kioti HST 40hp for the farm-Advice?

    40 hp might be a little light for haying and round baling? We did it with a manual transmission and it struggled on grades with full 4x5 baler. Added a 57 hp utility weight tractor and what a difference both cutting and baling.
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    How many brands does your dealer sale?

    New Holland ag and industrial, Massey, Case, Vermeer, Cub cadet lawn. Excellent service in all their brands.
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    Yoke removal from post hole digger gearbox.

    Looks like set screw only no snap ring? Penetrating oil, heat and maybe a puller with gentle force?
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    Boomer47 front tires locked up

    Turning it by hand it may be normal to see reverse rotation just like a vehicle. When you turn the wheels does the front driveshaft turn freely with 4wd off? Possible frozen ujoint causing your binding?
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    Boomer47 front tires locked up

    There are driven gears on each side if it's a drop axle design. Drain plugs on each side should be magnetic. Check for shrapnel there first. Bils TYM broke one of the drop shafts and it did the same thing. Fairly easy fix with no special tools other than snap ring pliers.
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    Boomer47 front tires locked up

    Disengage front axle, use loader to lift front wheels off the ground. Try to rotate each front wheel by hand. If something is binding in front axle you will be able to tell without further damage.
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    Best truck under $10k?

    It's a thing for many model years starting around 2007 in some models. Older system wiped out the cam and lifters when it failed newer system causes big time oil consumption.
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    Best truck under $10k?
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    What are you OCD about?

    Nothing goes on the dash of the truck, cups only in the cupholder, exit vehicle with your trash. Countertop is for preparing food not storing stuff on. Push your chair in when you leave the table. Bench in mudroom is to sit on to put your shoes on your feet. Don't stack purses and junk on it.
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Here's a picture of install
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    Recommended wood stove brands

    Blaze King catalytic here installed as a hearth stove. Very happy with heat output and burns all night on low damper setting.
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    LSxr4040 cab tractor modifications

    So sorry to hear about Barry, condolences to you and his family. Good friends like you are hard to find!