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    oxygen and acetalene tanks

    Well I just got my rent statement from the company that I rent my oxygen and acetylene and they want $470.00 for 5 years and that's to much. Where is the best place to buy my tanks from? I have seen some from $150.00 up to $800.00 and will I have a problem getting them filled. I had read...
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    Is this the law

    Well a friend call me and said you not gonna believe what happen to me today.I was pulled over by the state police and he gave me a ticket that carries a fine up to 10,000 dollars. He was pulling a trailer with equipment on a trailer dull wheel pick up and they wrote him a ticket for not having...
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    Good morning!!!!

    Good evening everyone, Buppies you said something about snow and it's here we had flurries this morning. White top is living up to it's name 1 inch up there now and it is just 12 miles from me. My bigest worry is my birds.:confused2:
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    Good morning!!!!

    oh yeah i forgot about the rule [ if there no pics it didn't happen]
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    we are a dying breed

    well i guess this makes it official we are a dyeing breed. the virginia dept of game is going state wide having public meetings asking what to do to get the younger people intrested in fishing. the bottom line here is they or loosing a lot of money yearly because not many fishing licence or...
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    Dometic generator

    well i have run out of ideals now. i have a 1983 dometic 4000 watt generator, it's in a 1983 motor home i can't find any engine id without taking it out of the motor home witch is a major job. it has a tag says it was built by genrac. i called genrac they couldn't tell me anything i called...
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    tn70 weighs how much

    my tn70 with all 4 tires loaded. how much should it weigh the fluid in the rear tires adds 800 lb each I think.
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    Share your Canning Photos

    well went and checked the corn this morning and a lot of it was ready to pick so we got 130 ears today. we don't can any of it just freeze it but here is pics anyway.
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    Share your Canning Photos

    well wife and cousin finished up the canning of peaches and peach chutney last night all we got to can now is some tomatoes if they ever get ripe.
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    Share your Canning Photos

    ok we did a first and batch of Damson plum jam and boy is that some awful stuff. we have a friend who wanted some so he got it. he put some on bisquit and said it was great, not me that stuff is awful. there here visting from northern va. does anyone make any of this and do you like it???
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    Good morning!!!!

    good evening I am beat just waiting on dark so I can hit the sack. we had yard sale today got up at 2 am so i'm done. had a great day there was a lot of people came thru, the highlands festival is this week so got all that traffic. I wore my favorite shirt to see what response I would get and...
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    Share your Canning Photos

    well we finished canning green beans had 31 quarts still got a lot of beans we will give away. now we wait on the tomatoes and corn.
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    Share your Canning Photos

    well the wife did our first batch of half runners today.
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    Avery the 6 year old drummer amazing

    the wife and I have been watching this kid for over a year now and he is something else. you can log on to avery the drummer. com or he's on you tube. I enjoy watching a kid this age with the talent he has.
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    2013 Hay Season

    well we finally put some hay on the ground today, will ted it as quick as sun gets on tomorrow then rake and bale hopefully. man it's been the worst hay season in many years.