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    Tight turning with 4WD on

    I use the individual brakes on my MFWD tractors regularly and have since I bought my first one. There's never been a problem doing so, so I see no reason not to continue. Of course, I don't have the front wheels engaged on hard surfaces either. SR
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    How to Keep Chokers From Falling Off The Winch During Transport?

    I've found. a screen is good about keeping the tractor getting bashed up by a limb! I also rarely skid from the tractor seat. The screen keeps a cable from smashing up the tractor too, and it's a handy place to hang extra chokers, and clevis, even a short cant hook. They really don't...
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    How to Keep Chokers From Falling Off The Winch During Transport?

    You guys run your winches without a screen?? That's something I wouldn't do... SR
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Another wood scrounging day here today... My friend came over and we went back to my woods, and like yesterday, I brought him the wood with my tractor, and he cut it to length, My friends Husky 576 really rips! anyway, like I said, I brought him wood and he kept cutting until we had a...
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    It was FIREWOOD day, and my friend and me, went to the woods to "scrounge" up some firewood. I knew where I had some wood stockpiled, so we got started, with me bringing the wood to my friend and him cutting it over my wagon, I kept bringing them, and he kept cutting, it sure takes a LOT...
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    Your last generator Maintenance Run

    I have one too, also a Honda 2800 inverter, they sure are nice generators, with low fuel use. SR
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    how many GPM is needed

    You picked those numbers, I didn't. But I can tell you, I have two tractors that the hydraulic flow is about a gallon apart and you can easily tell the difference a gallon makes in use, and I wouldn't want the lower one with a loader. SR
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    how many GPM is needed

    You make that sound so easy... just "simply" get a PTO pump... First off, have you priced one? They aren't cheep! Secondly, what about everything you need to use it?? That's a whole other expense like tank, hoses, valves everything else that goes with it to make it work...
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    how many GPM is needed

    I'm surprised so many of you think the size of the hydraulic flow isn't a big deal. It's a big deal to me, as the higher the flow, the better everything that runs off the hydraulics works! Especially the loader, as it makes a big difference when you are doing two functions at once, like lift...
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    I'm still rotary cutting, it seems to be a never-ending job! Along with another tree infested field, at least I did get this one done today! SR
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    Wooden Fence Posts

    Why ?, everyone I've seen/used has the drive line, sheer bolt protected, and I've yet to sheer even one bolt on the PHD I have now. I did sheer a few on the cheapo PHD I use to have though, that thing was a POS! SR
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    pipe lynch pin Size

    Doesn't your NH dealer have them in stock?? SR
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    sickle mower for John Deere 2210 (or 2305)

    It doesn't take much HP at all to power a sickle mower, what it does take is, enough tractor weight to offset the sickle bar sticking out to the side. SR
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    There's no doubt the Doyle rule favors the sawyer, but that seems to be what's used around here... SR
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    Tractors and wood! Show your pics

    Between everything else going on, I'm still trying to get two loads of logs milled, here's a pretty nice pine log going on the BSM, I'm milling these into 2x4's, 6's, 8's, 10's, and 12's, whatever the log will produce, The load of pine is now done, SO, it's now time to get started...