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    Rail roads and their tracks.

    Due to recent Rain, Flooding, Washouts, and Mudslides, many regions and highways in British Columbia Canada are currently under a state of emergency with evacuation orders (in one or two cases, entire towns / cities). We are not in any immediate danger where we are, however travel is very...
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    SO EXCITED ... and perhaps a bit sentimental (UPDATED)

    I'm not there yet Ken. Thank you for asking. I'm praying that improvements happen daily. My shoulder remains sore, swollen muscles, my left (significantly dominant) hand is also sore with swollen and numb fingers, no strength yet. I am using a sling still 3.5 weeks after dislocating...
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    SO EXCITED ... and perhaps a bit sentimental (UPDATED)

    son-in-law takes it for a spin
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    My better half has been offered a job!

    congratulations i'm assuming that she is double - vaxxed, or the job won't last long ... just saying
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    My First Tractor -and buying experience

    welcome to TBN sounds like you made a good purchase :) yay Mahindra was not an option for me, as nothing close to where I live. I researched and bought also, that was the effort, the tractors do all the heavy work. Me thinks that the JD970 will also find it's way to your shed at some...
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    The Top 5 Tractor Channels on YouTube

    1) Morgans 2) Tim 3) Good Works (new to me) 4) Messicks 5) Mike HM) Everything Attachments pretty good list, thanks
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    Anyone having issues posting pictures?

    but is there a way to store photos on TBN ? like a profile file ?
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    New member

    Friendly greetings from British Columbia, Canada. Enjoy this great forum, and the people that are part of it. :) Welcome to Tractor By Net.
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    Good morning!!!!

    Good Morning All Thought I'd send a note here, as I haven't checked in for a bit. The passed couple of weeks have been particularly challenging since dislocating my left shoulder (strong side) when I fell. All of my function and activities are compromised (cerebral palsy effecting right side...
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    Farmstead planning

    Planning yes, but my Doing has slacked a bit ... mostly as Budget permits, in my case.
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    LED Lights on ROPS

    I have a pair of 4 inch square LED lights secured to the left / right upright sides of the ROPS - they are bolted via the existing holes in the rops, wiring through the rops tubes. I have a canopy on the ROPS. Not sure if have a photo. Left LED faces back, Right LED facing forward ... very...
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    New user and new machine

    good for you
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    considering this trailer...

    tongue bar looks attached to nothing on the deck side. I'd be looking much bigger - car hauler size, for that water purpose at best, this one is a tow behind yard trailer only ... no papers, insurance required for that, so if cheap enough buy it for that
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    Buying Advice Buying used, how many hours are too many?

    I average about 100 -120 hrs a year / 10 hrs a month, for light hobby farming and snow removal. Other than overall appearance for confirming repairs and maintenance, even 2500 hrs would not concern me on a used tractor (say averaging 200 - 250 hrs per year). if the price was good.
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    see below :)