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    Tough days afield? Share stories & pics.

    Dude- You did the right thing. Sorry you got screwed over by it but you won't have any long term legal or emotional problems associated with putting 10-15 tons of farm equipment on some worthless pukes chest.
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    Wacko Kioti Issue

    Your of and on of the connectors was simply a power off reset to some logic controller.
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    Moving shipping containers

    I used pine logs and my tractor W/FEL to move the container to its final location. Lifted up a corner added a log pulled it 8 or 10 feet added another log and so on. I did not want to skid it because I had a number of pine stumps an inch or so above grade that would hang it up. Once in the...
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    Just another junk chainsaw

    Ok guys in an inherited parts box I found a Stihl 25", .405" pitch .050 gauge unused chain. My 044 has a 3/8" x.063" 20" bar and sprocket so the 25" chain is of no use to me. Pay the shipping and you can have it. Let me know.
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    Today's set time was highly limited. I was setting up to rehang my FEL bucket and the steering got squirrely. Then I heard the pffft of a hydraulic line going. The long hydraulic line ended up being a 3 hole line instead of the designed 2 hole. I've been looking at the hoses for a couple of...
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    Using Hole Digger In Hard Red Clay

    In North MS clay we had an 8' oak real live 2"x4" that would fit in between the gear box and yoke. 6'4" 250# of me became the down force on the PHD. As a rule it worked pretty well. A few needed some added water though.
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    Loader Joystick Problem

    Just did a joystick replacement on my 3930. If you look carefully the pivot ball not attached to a cable is likely secured by a socket head cap screw from the bottom of the joystick. With that one loose the other pivot balls on the cables go together easily and you are pretty well done.
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    Loader hoses

    I found it much cheaper, on my 3930 with Quickie loader to find a local hydraulic shop and have replacements made per sample. About 1/3 the cost of going back to Quickie.
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    VA RPA areas (bay water protection)

    You might try some of the water resource consultants. If the stream goes dry it is an intermittent and nor subject to being a RPA. The original RPA decision, in New Kent County, was based on a look at the 7.5 minute topos. The problem, with respect to my property was that the had no clue...
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    Postage paid return envelopes

    Many years ago one of my "friends" signed me up for a skanky adult entertainment products catalog. They sent me stuff several times and I tried to get them to drop me. Didn't happen until I started taping the prepaid postage reply by mail envelopes to boxes of sand, gravel or bricks. After a...
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    Go to work and find someone trespassed on property.

    Had a three time trespasser (written warnings the first two times) loose the cores out of four valve stems, pre cell phone days, miles from any public phones. Long the time the got out of the woods the one auto parts place in town was closed. They never cut our fence or came back again.
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    Hyd-filter not going ON???

    Had an oil filter for my PU that had no threads. I was kind of stuck and had to break out the bicycle and rid 4 or 5 miles to the auto parts store. I shamed the manager when I walked in rolling my two wheeler and he refunded me and provided a new filter at no cost. Needless to say I check...
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    Too late