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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Hauled my buddy’s M7060 and disc mower to my farm to help with hay. Truck and trailer pulled great. Also, we had not secured the tractor yet when I took this photo. We did chain everything down.
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    Getting hay balers ready

    Been working on my new to me John Deere 430. Had to fix the pto shaft and give her a good cleaning and maintenance. She’s ready to go now. We are hoping to cut next week, weather permitting.
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    John Deere 430 baler HP requirement ??

    I just purchased a 435 to run behind my 55 HP tractor. Although I’m sure my tractor would run it, I’m nervous about what will happen when I get a full bale and I’m on a hill. My hay partner has a 70 hp kubota so we are going to start baling with it and then try my tractor on flat ground. While...
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    Your towing rigs and trailers

    Here’s my truck and trailer in action, hauling hay in from one of our fields. 06 Ram 3500 Cummins mega cab and 14K Gator equipment trailer.
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    10K trailer - Gator?

    Here’s a photo where you can see them better. The boss approves of the new trailer!
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    10K trailer - Gator?

    Well, here she is! The dealer said a couple of wires had been crossed and it was an easy fix. Turn signals worked, lights worked, brake controller worked, everything is good! She is now home in the barn and will get ready for her first light load of hauling square bales this weekend. I’m going...
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    10K trailer - Gator?

    I am looking for a 20’, 10K trailer. It will be hooked up to my 08 Tundra that is able to tow 10,400 lbs. I have a brake controller and am looking into a WD hitch. It will be used to haul my tractor, other farm equipment, and hay. I have it narrowed down to a gator 10K that I can get through...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    I saw this at the local tractor supply. I think he is just a bit overloaded...
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    What did you do to or on your Mahindra today?

    Ran my box blade up and down my driveway 4 times! It was much needed. Before & after pics Still not perfect, but my tractor died, so it's good enough for now!
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    Grading 2555 Died & Won't Start

    After running my 2555 for several hours this afternoon, she suddenly died on me. I was running a box blade down my driveway and it cut off. I popped the hood and checked all connections to no avail. I did, however, see a puff of smoke coming from what I now know is the starter. The starter was...
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    2555 Shuttle Price?

    I'm looking at purchasing a 2555 Shuttle with loader. The tractor will either be financed with no payments til January and 2.99% for 60 after that so I can avoid the $1500 fee or financed with 0% for 72, but I have to pay the $1500 financing fee plus I won't be eligible for the $1000 cash...
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    93 Chevy 3500 for a farm truck

    I purchased 45 acres last year and now I need a truck for farm use. I have an SUV for my daily driver so I don't need a crew cab or anything special. I just want something that will be reliable and haul a few cattle and a ~50 HP tractor that I will soon be purchasing. A guy has a chevy 3500...
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    MF 135 Diesel - What to look for

    I'm going to look at a MF 135 tractor tomorrow. It has the Perkins diesel, power steering, aux hydraulics. Not sure on hours, tires look to be in good shape. I'm not sure of the year either; I'll check the serial number when i look at it tomorrow. What should I be looking for in particular? This...
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    Old Hay Elevator

    I recently purchased a 47 acre farm and I found an old hay elevator when cleaning up. It says John Deere on the side - anybody have any idea what model it is or what it would be worth? I don't want to take it to the scrap yard and would appreciate any information!