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    Increased traffic on country road.

    As for the change in traffic you are seeing - Google Maps (and thus Waze) have recently changed their default from "fastest" to "most efficient." I am not quite sure how it calculates that, but it will send me on a 3-5min longer trip than the fastest sometimes. Often that means a backroad...
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    Smoothing land - How to start over.

    Been recently looking at either a used L3940 or L4240 in our area that are within our price range.
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    Smoothing land - How to start over.

    I'm not sure our land could be more flat except for the ditches that drain the land into the creek. We do have some areas that get muddy easily, but more because they are the edge of wetlands rather than a valley.
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    Smoothing land - How to start over.

    I think my plan for next may be to take a small out of the way area of the field to test running a plow over it. Is it possible that I would be able to get it smooth enough with a disc and then chain? I'm not sure where a tiller will be on our list of things. Tractor equipment rental isn't...
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    Smoothing land - How to start over.

    We just moved onto our land and I have about 7 acres of field around the house. It is old pasture land that is extremely bumpy and hard. I would like to work toward getting it smooth enough to cut a least a portion of it with the zero-turn. We are looking for a larger tractor, but I am...
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    Real Estate Days on Market?

    I don't think they are deductible anymore. You used to be able to deduct moving expenses on your federal income return if you move more than 50 miles closer to your job. That deduction has been gone for a few years though.
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    Riding mower RIO (Ridiculous Idea On the Onset)

    Like many safety devices - the point is to protect innocent people from stupid people and stupid people from themselves. Mandates for safety devices don't mean that they are well designed. The fault for poorly designed ones lies with the manufacturer who put in the minimum effort more than the...
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    Buying advice - How big do I need?

    So, we have moved onto the new land finally and it is time to upgrade the little Ford 1700 I have been using to cut the field. I feel like I have read so much and looked at so many tractors, but I am getting a bit overwhelmed with what I should be looking for. Here is what I think I want...
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    Photography experts?

    I still love to shoot film. It just feels different with a look that is difficult to reproduce with a digital camera. I also like the physical process and the restriction it gives me. @Slowpoke Slim What you probably remember is Kodak stopping the production of both the last kind of...
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    E-15 fuel in your area?

    We just got a new station near us selling E15. For now the price is different enough from the E0 that any loss of MPG would be made up to make it better in Miles/dollar.
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    Looking at a '97 5300

    I'll work on finding a mechanic. I didn't ask about if they knew the owner. It's this one if that helps:
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    Looking at a '97 5300

    We are looking to upgrade our tractor soon and have been looking at a 1997 JD 5300 for around 25k. It is 4wd, about 2000 hrs with a loader. It's been on the lot at our local equipment dealer for a while and I was wondering why. Does this seem like the right price? Are there things I should...
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    Can you believe this story?

    I am sure they want to be compensated for the loss of their family member (and punish the dealer). However, Michigan law prevents this. So, they could fight a long uphill legislative battle against a lobby group with much deeper pockets that will not result in them being able to seek...
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    Can you believe this story?

    You are missing part of the story. The customer has already sued the dealership for indemnification against any judgment in their case. Which means if the customer "loses" the dealership pays the cost. All this is because Michigan has a law that a business/owner/boss cannot be sued for...
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    Can you believe this story?

    I tried to quote everyone who this applied to, but it got to be too much. This is really important - The owner has ALREADY sued the dealership and WON. The dealership must now indemnify the owner (i.e. pay whatever the judgement is for). As it's a civil suit, there really isn't any reason for...