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    Anyone insured?

    I don't live where I keep my Tractor and UTV, and while I keep them both in a shipping container my implements are all outside. Insurance covers theft and damage.
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    Choosing the right tractor

    I have a MF1760 cab tractor which is almost identical to the 2860 with exception of the motor. While the heat and a/c are nice, the two main reasons I had for getting the cab tractor were bees and spiders. I'm less than 200 miles south of you so we have very similar environments. I've got...
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    Truck towing overloaded kills, driver gets felony charges.

    Far too many people think that if they can tow it on flat ground or up an incline that's all they need to worry about. I grew up having the fact beat into me that if you double the horsepower you need to quadruple the braking capability and that the last thing you want is an unmanaged load...
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    Cheap FEL cylinders keep bending

    I tend to agree that there's something wrong with the cylinders. Either they are under sized, or the material used isn't hardened as it should be. That is a different design than my FL 2814 which came on my 1760, so I wonder what the track record is? If the dealer/manufacturer doesn't step up...
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    PLEASE HELP? BX22 HST problem

    I hate to mention it, but Hydrogear might make a specific and available only through Kubota HST. I don't know if this is true, and for your sake I hope not. But I've been burned too many times to mention by parts that are only sold in mass quantities. "Sure you can buy some, they come in lots...
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    Most useful wrench

    While not a die grinder, I have used a flexible shaft Dremel to get into tight spaces and used the cutting wheels to great effect.
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    Always Set Parking Brake!

    Hydro tractors are noted for rolling away Yeah buddy! My 1760 will roll on a 2 degree grade!
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    Quick hitch for 3 point – options

    Looking at Carter & Son's EZ Hitch, I don't see a lot of difference between their product and Pat's, other than their's is fabricated and Pat's is cast. The price is fairly similar too. The only thing Pat's may have over the EZ Hitch is the stabilizing arm that comes as part of the kit...
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    Buying Advice Is it possible to go too big?

    As mentioned previously there are a lot of variables. These were factors I faced. Can you manage something with a shuttle-shift? I went with a hydrostat because I knew my wife would eventually be using it, my SCUT is near the top of the hydrostat group @ 59HP. Where are you storing it...
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    Diesel Additive - which one, and how much?

    You don't really mention what you are looking to get out of the additive beyond the anti-gel properties. Myself, I use Opti-lube XPD mainly because I'm also babying a Ford 6.4L. Opti-lube doesn't mention having a biocide which I'd recommend if you're storing any quantity of diesel or if it...
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    Using concrete slabs to "pave" some wet spots in a road.

    I was at a chemical plant under construction in Russia last year and they used slabs of concrete that were approximately 6 x 12 (probably metric, but I don't think that way) to temporarily pave the roadways placing them side by side. Since there was nothing under the slabs they shifted every...
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    Will 10 Horsepower actually matter on the same size tractor?

    I believe they say that you never hear a man mention, "I wish I had gotten a smaller tractor!". I was thinking I wanted a 40hp when I found my 60hp which wasn't even 10% more money at the time for 50% more power. I haven't looked back at the 40hp unit ever, although there are times I've looked...
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    Showroom Shock !

    I just looked at my local dealer. They've apparently dumped Mahindra in favor of Bad Boy. (No idea why.) They had maybe 15 Bad Boy's and around 39 Massey's with only 7 of those being cab tractors and only 8 @ 60hp or more. And only 9 ATV's, but 39 UTV's. Lots of implements, but no trailers...
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    Truck bed extender legality

    What about getting a long PVC pipe. Put the stalks etc. in the pipe and attach the flag to the pipe. Might not even need the extender then.
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    Celebrities I have met

    I got to shake hands with Chuck Norris. He was sitting in the seat in front of me and on a flight to Tokyo. I wouldn't have bothered him but the man next to me went all fanboy on him as we were deplaning. He proceeded to greet all of us in the surrounding seats. I Met George Foreman a couple...