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    Nx6010 needs to regen daily

    I recall reading a lot about injector issues on those. Some folks had them tested and found to be the issue. I think someone else had a turbo issue? I only have a CK so hopefully someone with more know-how will chime in shortly...
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Are they using a truck GPS? I laugh when I see people at work using their phones for trucking here. Common sense goes a long way... When you have that trait.
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    Sirius radio is an advanced radio so I get that being a subscription... But watch them eventually charge to have the speakers turn on. Just wanted to bring up a thought I didn't see mentioned.. And of course the blame would be passed on to anything that's not in their control.
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    Latest grab by auto manufactures

    So if heated seats/steering wheels, advice features, etc... Are going subscription, does that mean you are essentially renting the equipment that makes that feature work? I haven't seen this in the discussion so forgive me if I'm way out of touch or missed this, but I subscribe to cable TV and...
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    Critique what went wrong.

    Gently I'd say...? Ha
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    Lucas X-tra heavy duty grease sold out?

    Is that the listing asking $39 for 1 tube?
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    Harbor Freight clear water pump

    I ran a liberal amount of seafoam/non ethanol fuel mix thru what I determined a partially clogged carb in a leaf blower recently. Let it idle a bit then slowly throttled up and let it run till it was empty. Night and day difference now. You can also take it apart and spray carb cleaner. Letting...
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    I don't want to hijack from the OP, but I'll into Cabot. It's an older deck. I need to clean and power wash. All old stain seems to be gone. Thank you for the suggestions.
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    wood oil based stain/preservatives?

    Any brand recommendations? I'm going to follow along since I'm getting ready to do my deck...
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    It's not a CK2610SE, but it's trying...

    Are the Euro hooks on the 3 point Kioti factory, or aftermarket? I know my dealer said they do offer them. Been debating if they are worth it...
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    Milwaukee cordless Grease gun owners

    I got the M12 because that's all I had at the time.. Now have some M18 stuff too. And for the amount that I use it, it's perfect. No issues yet to date. 3+ years in service I think.
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    Tie Down Straps with loops for tractor

    I waited till there was a sale and ordered from here. Lots of custom options.
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    Trailer Purchasing Advise

    I have a 24 footer that I pull with a GMC 2500..18 stationary and 6 feet hydraulic dovetail. I can also load onto the dovetail for space. It pulls great when balanced, follows my truck turns well, and a pleasure to pull. It is 3k empty weight though so it isn't bouncing around when unloaded...
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    CK3510SE fuel filter

    Following to see if it'll cross to a 2017. Just trying to find something that I can actually see if there is water or not vs a filter that you can't see thru...
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    Pole Chainsaws

    Ok. I've noticed you seen to do trail work for a living. I wouldn't deem it commercial quality. But you asked so I answered. Lol. Even after sitting all winter. 2 pulls and fired up ready to work.