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    Countyline 3-point post hole digger for New Holland TD24DA

    It really depends on the soil. I have clay, and I have to be very careful or I will screw my tractor to the ground.
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    Recent record....I have run my G1900 and B7800 three times in a row without breakage!

    Between me hitting trees, pins popping out and dropping anti-scalp wheels under the mower deck, a failed alternator, leaky bucket cylinders, mouse damage this winter, I have been getting on my equipment with my fingers crossed each time. Hope I did not just jinx myself.....
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    Alternator failed after 30 years on my G1900S

    Lol...yes, alternator. Don't know why I had magneto in my head when I wrote that post. Should have just gone with 'thingy that creates electricity'.
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    Alternator failed after 30 years on my G1900S

    Had the Alternator go out on my G1900S...took out the fan belt also. It was original, so 30+ years old and over 2000 hours. Got one on Amazon, next day delivery, and picked up a replacement belt at my local dealer (Dealer was twice the price for a non-Kubota Alternator, 3 times the price for a...
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    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    Thanks for the suggestions. I will swap out the fuel filter, and loosen the fuel cap if and when it next decides to sputter. I did start it up today without a hitch to throw the belly mower on her. I do need to make time to dig into the instrument cluster and figure out what the mice...
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    B7800 - intermittent power loss/low idle to stop

    I have had this happen a few times, to include about 1 hour ago. I was back blading the riding ring, and about 1 hour into the job the tractors idle dropped to almost nothing, it sputtered for a bit, and then died. I tried to restart a few times, and it would not get going. I checked all the...
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    Mice got me!

    My B7800 currently is without fuel, temperature and idiot lights thanks to a mouse nest in the dash. It looks like the mouse waste corroded the contacts of what looks like a control box....but I need to set aside a few hours to pull the dash apart, clean it up, and see if I can fix it or if I...
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    Tiller Finally added another attachment.....5-foot tiller from Tractor Supply for $1350

    As I really only needed one for my garden (and I guess my neighbors garden), as well as the odd garden job, I had not been able to justify the purchase. But this years bonus was pretty good, and tractor supply had one left over from last year that had a little bit of extra rust for $250...
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    Landpride RTA 15 42 inch tiller - Worth it or pay more for 60 inch?

    There is the above tiller on Ebay near me at $700. It has a 6 inch offset. Is it worth it, or should I wait for a good used 60 inch to come around? (I just missed on a bushhog 60 for $1000) Thanks
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    Gave up on winter today...the mower is back on

    I put the front plow on my G1900 earlier then I ever have before in preparation for winter (in early November), and wouldn't you know it no snow worth pushing. So today I took off the front plow and put the 60 inch deck back on. I expect that we will get a blizzard within the next 2 weeks:-)
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    Replacing a G1900 radiator..lots o fun

    Yesterday (and the day before actually) I replaced the radiator on my G1900. It has started to leak, an although it still worked, the radiator fluid would get the screen wet and then all the grass would stick to it and the radiator itself, causing constant air flow issues. Parts cost was about...
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    G1900 - knocked off 4 of 6 HST fan blades...aaarrgghh

    2 weeks ago I was running some fertilizer on the pasture with the G1900 in between removing the plow blade and mounting the 60 inch mowing deck. Some stupid little stick found the fan, and 4 blades were gone. The good news (I guess) is that the 2 blades left are on opposite sides, so the fan...
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    Skid steer with rock hammer...anyone use one?

    I have a few rock ridges that run through my horse paddock, and I am thinking of knocking them down when I renovate the paddock next month. I got a quote of $450 to rent a bobcat with a rock hammer, delivery Saturday, pickup Monday AM. The rock is a hard limestone, and the ridges I would be...
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    Rotary Cutter To buy a rotary mower ( bush hog) or not?

    I am going to have 4 acres of pasture to mow. I have a 60 inch deck for the B7800, and I guess I could use this to mow the pasture (I used my G1900 to mow it last year once the gras got going). This would save money. I could also get a 5 foot rotary mower, and leave the deck in the barn...
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    Land Clearing and Pasture Project

    I purchased 6 acres in January 2008 to add to my 3 acre lot for the purpose of adding some pasture land for my wife's horses. In the bargain I also got 3 acres I can bow hunt on and the justification to buy a tractor. Last February I paid a local contractor $8500 to clear the pasture area...