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    Groan part quatre

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    Shop Warning

    Not sure why the "Warning" is necessary 😉
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    1999 F250 7.3 running like dog crap after running out of fuel and new lift pump

    Have you refilled since the initial fuel used to get up and running again? There's about a 10% chance you got bad fuel initially, and if you returned to the same station to full up afterward it's likey the same fuel. Nothing against the advice you will get here...posting this at oil burners...
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    Groan part quatre

    I got 2
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    Groan part quatre

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    Top Dressing Driveway - Gravel or Crushed Concrete

    In my experience crushed concrete is a bear to maintain compared to gravel and maintenance is a must with both.
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    What Happened To This Member?

    Well... He was born to be wild, so maybe he took a magic carpet ride somewhere?
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Shoot! I just read the sub-title on my internet manual. Seems I have the Laid Back edition. I'll see if Amazon can overnight the Uptight version to me to reference before I post to a thread here again ;)
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Anyone using an intelligence test available on the Internet as a yardstick probably should not judge others.
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    And this matters why?
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    "Can We Guess Your Highest Education Level?" TEST

    Or Post Hole Digger ;)
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    Anybody Have Auto Owner's Insurance?

    AO here for home, auto, business & personal umbrella. Had an issue with them several years ago when a green out of college claims adjuster denied a water damage claim saying it wasn't an "event" it was a long term maintenance issue. I'll cancel with them someday over that, right now (and at...
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    Groan part quatre Michigan
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    How stupid can one person be?

    I've learned not to ask this question because someone will always come along and top the previous answer.