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    IRS and what do they really do with all their power

    My 2019 return wasn't processed until after some people received their 2020 refund. IRS owes me over $3500 based on my 2019 & 2020 returns. They've had time to send me 3 letters acknowledging they owe me the money, but haven't found time to write a check. Yet when they mistakenly thought I...
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    Skidding Tongs for pulling lumber - What else do I need?

    What size trees are you harvesting? Those 32" tongs are going to be a PITA to use on anything under ~24" diameter. The removable points on those timber stuff tongs make it impractical to set them into the log by smacking with a hammer. The tongs will lose their purchase on the log with any...
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    Off road diesel - How do you find locations?

    Motor fuels are a regulated & taxed commodity at State level. Gas stations often need to be licensed or permitted to sell fuel and that license / permit is posted at each station. It will have the name of the department to which you can send a FOIA asking for ORD sellers.
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    I need some help in identifying this John Deere tractor, thanks

    Looks like an 80 or an R, built in 49~56
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    Building a barn to live in- interesting article

    If you believe in insurance make sure it is updated regularly. A barndominium nearby burned. Structure was 66~75% destroyed. It was insured as a barn. The owner is slowly picking through the ruins trying to salvage whatever can be salvaged to recover losses. I presume the $$ lost was greater...
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    Ford 9N intermittent spark, won't run

    Installed electronic ignition and never regretted it.
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    #@%-*#. IRS

    Didn't get either of the 1st two stimuli. Called IRS, eventually landed in the EIP Department. Gentleman there confirmed I absolutely qualified by 2019 AGI. Told me to claim it on line 32? of 2020 1040. I did IRS disallowed it turning my expected small refund into a hefty tax due with...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Yes, I realize in other areas of the world this would have been one load instead of 4 ;)
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    Estimate of the Cost of Welding

    The local shop here would charge $30~40 if you removed it from the mower and brought it to him. I'd do it for free. Sometimes I can't find enough things to weld! ;)
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    Do you have any Oil/Fluid changing time saving efficiency tips?

    On big filters & especially diesel, drilling ~1/4" hole at the low point in the filter housing and letting it drain into a pan gets rid of the weight and the mess
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    Ford Jubilee - can anyone assist me with getting this to run reliably?

    Mine did the same thing. Replaced the key switch which took care of the problem for about a year. It's easy to jumper out the switch to see if that is the issue. Before you ask, Yes it would start, run, and stall like out of gas and the problem was the key switch It started doing the exact...
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    What's happened to Shield Arc

    :( A invaluable contributor who's passing leaves a void that might never be filleted completely R.I P. Shield
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    Today's RV time?

    Slowly doing a build out of a T350 Ford Transit high roof extended. Trying to keep it simple but accommodating, yet able to convert relatively quickly back to the cargo van it was Visited the geographic center of the continental United States during a shake down voyage in early April...
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    Golden jubilee

    Exact same issue with my Jubilee. Run a few minutes & shut down, wait 30~60 minutes and it would start again. Ended up tracing it back to the key switch assembly. You didn't ask, but the 2nd smartest thing you can do is put electronic ignition on it.
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    Chevy Pickup Towing 53-Foot Semi Trailer on a Car Dolly Is a Catastrophe Waiting to Happen