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    Hydraulic cylinder lock wire question

    Bucket cylinder on a NH 7309. The cylinder rod pack gland uses a lock wire which I got out by turning the packing gland and pulling the lock wire with no problem, but trying to reinstall the new lock wire has me baffled. There is no hole in the wire groove that would grab the wire and pull it...
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    Oil & Fuel Overheating or bad gauge?

    Could be either. If the gauge needle has full range of motion, i.e. with key off it goes all the way one direction, then back to the green/red line when key is on, I would start with the sending unit first. Probably easier/cheaper too.
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    Rotary cutter rear u-joint shield??

    Titan won't sell direct, but most any tractor supply will have one. Also, going through sheer bolts like that, I think I would consider a slip clutch.
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    "Friend, I wouldn't harm thee for all the world, but thou art standing where I am about to shoot."
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    Phone mount/holder?

    This is the one i just put on my canopy support. Replaces the belt holster that was Velcro'd to the support.
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    John Deere 5200 price?

    Well taken care of tractors without problems are bringing a premium right now. Especially pre-emission tractors. If seller will let buyer run/work said unit for about 1/2 hour or so with no issues, I'd say go for it. It's not what I would consider a "great" deal, but a good, pair price, but it...
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    If you won the lottery, what would you do with the money?

    1st. thing, 10% to tithing and another 10% just because. God loves a cheerful giver. i'll figure the rest out if it ever happens.
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    conflicting advice on using bucket with rotary cutter

    It depends. I assume that since you asked the question, your experience with the tractor is limited, but will increase with time. Is it your property that no one else has access to, where you know there isn't anything to hit, or other? If "other", leave it on and lower it to use as a "feeler"...
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    Mowing Large acreage mowing

    Just for reference: In the Ft. Worth area, I charge $65/hr. with a 6' brush cutter and run at 3 mph generally and leave a very nice cut. That is just shy of 2 acres/hr. on level, un-obstructed fields. However, 95% of what I do is NOT level, un-obstructed and the material is generally over 4'...
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    JD990 Charging issue

    I thought I would share a solution that worked for me regarding my 990 not charging. Took the alternator apart and cleaned it with a toothbrush (was packed full of dirt). This was a very easy job and may need to be a regular maintenance issue, at least maybe every 200 to 400 hours. This type of...
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    John Deere 790 stuck in the middle of the field, dead, won't stay running.

    My 990 did that around 600 hours also. Was the fuel shut off solenoid. On the time delay, it required both coils inside the solenoid to initialize, then only one to keep it engaged, but was sporadic. Before you hit Amazon or the dealer for said solenoid, check the electrical connection closely...
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    What tires are on your truck?

    With the exception of the spare truck, Michelin defender LTX MS is the only thing I run. Mine, wifes and daughters
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    How not to bushhog !!

    It’s the ones you don’t see that can be costly. Two different times for me.
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    Is Power Service Diesel Kleen that good?

    Power Service products are excellent. Seafoam is good too, but being a local company I may be a little biased. Been using PS for years.
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    Bush Hog light duty or Titan light duty

    I have the Titan 1606C, and it has been okay. I did have an issue with the gear box u-joint being put in backwards from the dealer. Then the lower seal started leaking. I called them, in Decatur, Tn. and they sent me a whole new drive system. Gearbox, PTO shaft with clutch at no charge. They had...