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    Contemplating a box blade

    TITAN 3105 weighs 323 and priced at $925 with free 1000 mile business shipping. Ken Sweet
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    I bought a rossi sickle bar mower

    How old is the mower? I think the newer ones have a adjustable flow control valve. Ken Sweet
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    Contemplating a box blade
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    Bottom Plow to Battle Residual

    A set of 2 bottom 14's or 16's should be a good match for the 5200. Coulters and trip beams would be suggested for conditions you describe. Ken Sweet
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    looking to buy a 3 pt tiller

    5 Ft would be a Good fit for the Kubota and maybe a little small for the Branson. Ken Sweet
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    08 B7800 Possible Purchase

    Welcome to TBN.
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    Yard find

    I agree with Carl_NH, IH tractor cultivator maybe Cub, A or C? Ken Sweet
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    What implement(s) do I need?

    A heavy disc harrow to cut up and incorporate into the soil. Ken Sweet
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    Finally got power after tornado.

    Yes, I have seen lots of news coverage, Youtube videos and FB posts. Just saw on TV that the president says he is coming to Ky. We were Blessed to have no loss of life in Hart County. Lots of property damage though with some within 1/4 mile of my home. Ken Sweet
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    Modified My Quick Hitch

    Very nice work. Ken Sweet
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    No power at the switch.

    I have seen a high amp fuse in the positive feed from the battery on some applications. Ken Sweet
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    Parts without loosing an arm or leg

    Have you tried Ebay or Amazon? Ken Sweet
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    Dog pics

    My 10 Yr old Missy. Ken Sweet
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    tractor accessories

    Nice work and it will sure come in handy. Maybe add a flex net over the top in case the riding gets bumpy? Ken Sweet
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    Rear Blade Tufline GB4 Rear Blade - anyone own one / opinions??

    8 Ft could be too much for your tractor setup. Like has been said, if you can buy it at a great price, go for it. Tufline is a excellent company and the GB4 is one of the heavier series. Ken Sweet