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    New John Deere OEM filters available

    I have several extra John Deere OEM filters and filter housing that I don't need anymore. If anyone is interested, I can save you some money. PM me or email me at [email protected] The filter part numbers are AL112922, RE11889 and AR75603. These are original OEM John Deere filters. I can send...
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    Old Taylor Way 8' 3ph disk, is it good or should I pass on it?

    I found a old 8' 3 point hitch Taylor-Way disk. It looks really old, but its not something I will use a lot to begin with. The blades and bearings all look good. Some problems I noticed are two of the bearing brackets are twisted a little. Will this cause a problem or is it something that can be...
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    convert from shear pin to slip clutch on my rotary cutter PTO, anyone do it?

    I have a 72" rotary cutter which currently has the shear pin pto shaft gearbox. My problem is when I put my pto on, majority of the time, it shears the shear pin. I'm using grade 2 half inch bolts from TS. So I've seen these shear pin to slip clutch adapters for sale. They are made to go on a...
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    Disc Harrow JD Disc. Does anyone know what model this is and what its worth?

    Here is a pull type JD disc that looks in good shape. The blades all look good, the frame looks solid and the tires don't look that old. Looks like a older disc and someone called it a W8, not sure if that is what it is. Didn't see any kind of tag on it. I was told its not a bearing type. I...
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    LS U5030 vs XU5055C

    I'm looking at a U5030 with no cab and found a XU5055C with a cab. The U5030 is tier 3 while the XU5055C is tier 4. Not sure how many have either tractor, but in your opinion, is the tier 3 the way to go versus a tier 4 with all kinds of pollution equipment added to the engine or is there no...
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    Buying Advice Kioti DK55 vs LS U5030

    First I want to say I'm a newbie here and want to say hi and look forward to learning as much as I can from all you experts. I grew up on a farm and was actually driving combines when I was 13, but that was many moons ago and I got away from the farming and a lot has changed since then. My...