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    Shed wiring question

    If 50' from post panel, just run a 20amp and what you need for hvac from there. No different than in house with panel on opposite side. As long as proper gauge wire for loads and length and you said was temporary. If you had a sub panel laying around, use it. Not sure if a local code would need...
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    Share Pics of People Hauling or Towing Something Wrong

    That endorsement is for commercial drivers. If she was in private vehicle, not needed. Probably a farmer and needed for tractors. New tractors burn a lot of DEF!
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    What to do with disabled friend!

    Scaredychicken, get yourself a couple hiking poles. They work well outside and have the height that adjusts to what you want. I use them when outside since I also walk with a cane. Like the fact that you can push tip in for balancing yourself. Find that it lays across the loader arms on tractor...
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    Parking - in the new day an age - Rant

    Biggest problem started when they went to a single line in the parking spaces from double to squeeze in 2 more spots!
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    Replacement engine for BCS 948 tractor/tiller.

    You can put a heli-coul in valve cover bolt hole to fix that issue. Would be worthwhile to see if you can get the Honda working. If you had already budgeted for the other motor, put on the shelf if you get Honda running. Money in the bank down the road if it goes belly up on you. Who knows...
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    2016 Ram 3500 opinions.

    Some states may not do diesel emissions, but if your truck is smoking and on an Interstate, DOT can stop you and enforce the Federal emissions that the truck is to conform to when built. They're cracking down on the "deleting" of diesel trucks. Do at your own peril. Fines and cost of returning...
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    power tool recommendation

    I take an old piece of hose and run rv antifreeze and a touch of MMO through pump at end of season. Prevents freezing and adds lubrication at same time. JM2C.
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    Trailer towing question class 6 truck without CDL

    I think it depends on your state. There's intrastate and interstate. One not crossing state lines which is where the federal law applies the most. Then There's where you don't cross state lines and don't use the interstates. Yes, gray area for sure! Sometimes you just need DOT numbers as long as...
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    power tool recommendation

    Check out CAT pumps have great flow and pressure specs.
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    2016 Ram 3500 opinions.

    I've got a 2014 DRW Tradesman with the 68rfe and love it. 4.10 rear. Just over 20k for the trailer rating. 165k on the clock without anything major. You'll like which ever flavor you get!
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    Fuel station - nozzle dusty

    Forgot to mention to tether the plug so that you don't lose it in the tank. Also you won't forget to replace when done fueling.
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    Rotary Cutter Sharpening the blades

    Remember to not sharpen like a knife. Just take out the rock hits or the edge folds over and is a pain to dress up!
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    Magnetic phone holder

    Could this be modified to work? Magnetic Cup Holder, Black You could attach a phone case to it and you're in business!
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    Look at Black Star. No top coat needed. Very environmentally friendly. Can be brushed, garden sprayer or roller. Been good for me.
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    Fuel station - nozzle dusty

    I turned a piece of aluminum and cut groove for o-ring to fit in nozzle. Keeps things out and diesel from dipping on truck from transfer tank. I've got a 100 gal mounted in truck!