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    Should I trade my L2501

    Your situation sounded like mine back in 2019. I had a L3301 and found it just wasn't what I needed to work in the woods and for the size of trees I needed to remove. I upgraded to an MX5400 and haven't looked back. If you are looking to upgrade DO NOT go to a higher L platform like the...
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    Glyphosate cost through the roof and beyond.....

    For those that don't know (I didn't); Glyphosate is a widely used herbicide that can kill certain weeds and grasses. Glyphosate works by blocking an enzyme essential for plant growth. The product is used primarily in agriculture, but also in forestry and lawn and garden care.
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    Father left this world

    My son is a nurse for the VA. He was a combat medic in the Army before that. What I learned from my son is avoid the VA hospital if at all possible.
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    Who Makes a Trouble-Free 60" Diesel Zero-Turn?

    I wish all zero turns had the crank at the front to help change the blades. But MSRP for the ZD1211 is about $19K. I would definitely get one if I made money cutting yards.
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    Eradicating moles

    They don't work for you! Besides cats these mole "chasers" are the best thing since sliced bread.
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    Who Makes a Trouble-Free 60" Diesel Zero-Turn?

    I believe any commercial grade zero turn will fit your needs. For Bahia grass I have to go slower than usual. I have a 60" Toro Titan HD 2000 that I bought 4 yrs ago. I use a mower high lift to change blades. 750 lb mover lift
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    Eradicating moles

    From April 2022 Amazon review: I have used and loved these mole traps in the past. It appears Victor has changed materials to produce them. They are now lightweight, cheap, and provide very little closing power, rendering them completely useless. I put a few of these out and they work well...
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    Who doesn't despise trolls?

    Why is this an issue? I've been on countless forums over the last 20 years and never once have I ever thought of this being a problem.
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    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    They are a public danger and should not be allowed. Another reason I try to stay strapped, even on my own property.
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    They are boostering the State Fair being held this week

    What do you mean by "boostering"?
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    Three children, one adult dead in farm tractor crash in York County, PA.

    Before hoping the driver gets jail time and sued to oblivion let the facts come out first.
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    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    My link has statistics where the one above mine does not. This thread is about bad dogs and the pit bull is inherently a ticking time bomb.
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    Bad Dogs Bad Neighbor

    Pit Bulls: Facts and Figures Uh oh.
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    HST fluid level (Sightglass) location MX5400

    Yeah. Learned the hard way.
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    Field cars

    Hate to see his fuel bill at the pump. :geek: