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    What do you do with stump once removed?

    I have enough land that I make stump piles. The critters like them for a place to hide!
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    Hydraulic problem

    Check your fluid level.
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    Driveway Ideas?

    My driveway is 40 years old and still in pretty good shape. I used something called "graded base". Its made of pea stone and larger processed rock. Easy to spread and packs like cement. It does get a little soft during spring mud season. The only problem is how you plow or blow snow. If it...
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    Wallenstein BX62R and Kubota 5030

    I have a Kubota 5030 and am looking to buy a used wallenstein pto chipper. I have an auxiliary hydraulic at the rear of the tractor. The owners manual says i need a control with a detent position which my controls don't have. I also have hydraulics for a backhoe that has no control, just an in...
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    I've noticed recently that there are popups appearing in the bottom right corner of articles. I find these quite annoying. I can close the current one but new ones appear. Anyone know how to get rid of them?
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    Gator 825i won't start and bed lift won't work

    My Gator won't start. It turns over and tries to start but that's all. It did start momentarily but then stopped. Also, the power lift for the bed won't operate so I can't access the engine etc. Both turn signal dash lights light up even though I don't have turn signals! I've checked all the...
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    Deer Flies

    With a week of 90+ temps, the deer flies this year are man eaters. Does anyone know of any repellant that works? I was going to try some diesel fuel but a friend talked me out of it. He didn't want me to self combust because of the heat!LOL Thanks
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    Cold or hot bend?

    Hi Guys, I have a bent tooth on my grapple. It's about 3/8 thick. Should I straighten it cold or heat it first? Thanks
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    Shear Bolts

    I can't find shear bolts for a Puma 74 inch rear mount snow blower. Owner's manual calls for a Grade #2 for the auger. Can I use a regular grad#2 bolt of the same size? The drive shaft calls for a M6 x 40mm bolt with no grade# indicated. Any suggestions appreciated.
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    Coolant Disposal

    I need to change the coolant in a Kubota 5030. What's the best and legal way to dispose of the used coolant?