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    loader curl cylinder leak?

    It's fun! Spend (now) about $200 for a kit, pipe wrench parts apart before complete removal, and repaint at the end. If you're diligent - EZPZ. First time, you gotta' keep track not only order but edges - rings and circle and stuff, with bevels or springs for instance. Figure how to curl the...
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    Can't put MMM adjustment knob into 'Top" position....

    If it helps... I had to get it in my head that "Top" did not mean top - it is the position that is doubled, as for carrying the deck while out-of-service - better named 'Stop". Mine also worked best about 15 degrees out of wack - 'Top' turned just a bit from say dead 6:00 (as hour hand) to say...
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    BX23 Steering fault

    OK, bottom end first! THX guys...
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    BX23 Steering fault

    Noticed on my last 'road trip' that my BX23 ignored first few (partial) turns of steering wheel. Let's say the road curved left a bit, and my casual corrections were ignored, startled me, and a big left got it done. Do I start with the steering wheel valve or lower stuff? All is 17 or so years...
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    Big Cars are killing Americans

    Couple of peeves... Big cars and big drivers, who expect to be able to cut the corner in a parking lot. I'm lined up, in my half of the lane, waiting to exit, while a fat person who apparently cannot turn the wheel past their belly, expects me leave so they do not have to turn their wheel to...
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    Tractor Owner Enthusiasm

    I normally could care less, I inherited a Kubota. I am impressed that - I have yet to be told "NO PARTS, at any price" for anything except common bolts, washers, nuts gone to open stock (and spec'd). My model has hit 20 years. I have been turned down on car parts after only 5 or 6 years, if...
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    Front Axle Slipping/4WD Slipping - Nortrac 254

    I don't know your machine, but that is the way an open (un-special) differential works. The question is: can you (safely) stop both wheels at the same time? (And do you happen to KNOW there is no differential action in the transmission case.) You did not tell us how you determined (tested...
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    Backhoe WEAK

    I have a BX23 with correct BH and pressures. When I haven't used it in a while, I wonder what has happened, and quickly relearn that it is me. After an hour or so, the BH is as strong as ever (when I have learned again where and what to pinch). A gauge quickly proves everything!
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    This Bank is KILLING Me….

    I have a neighbor that lets a mower roll down, and manually pulls it back up by rope - been doing it for years
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    What are you OCD about?

    I occasionally, now, drive by about 10 flag poles in a row, but not plumb. The not quite vertical lines really show it off - I couldn't have paid for it. Now that most utility work is contract, I really think we need a 1/2 bubble law for all utility placements.
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    Suggestion for shed walls' base.

    Well, after much measuring and such - change of plans! (A single block will not raise and level all way around - 6 inches slope diagonally.) 10 (door side) x about 20 (no doors or windows) So, now, thinking 4x4, then 4x6, then 4x10 pressure treated perimeter, cut slanted to level slope...
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    What TV did you watch as a kid?

    And another.... Saw a SNL reference. I'm in Richmond, and in the first year of SNL, the local guys at the station were watching the Playboy channel while the local news was on. Came time to switch back to the satellite for SNL, and suddenly titties on broadcast TV for about 15 seconds. We heard...
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    Any advice???

    Run a drill through the lock bolt hole.
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    Manual tree pole pruner, what's the trick?

    After years of farting around with trees remotely by myself... I use a simple action bow and arrow with an attached spinning reel to shoot tethered practice arrows to branches. (I have wasted literally years trying to get a weight through [threw!] a tree crotch.) I then pull up a string, then...
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    Carry permit. Would traffic stop make police be more cautious? yea or nay?

    Couple of things... My locals told me they get a 'tone' with the call / address - that they know means CWP. That way other listeners do not... I keep my Ins/Reg looped together (hole punch, 'laminated') on a colored ribbon, under the mirror cover on the driver's visor. Ribbon with loop hangs...