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    Selling your Machine?

    I've sold two Kubotas on Craigslist without any complications or hassles. I post many photos and write a detailed description, which might indicate a for-real sale vs. scammers. Because a local sale is easier due to transportation issues, my buyers have been fairly local. And I helped a...
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    New Tractor Company as if we didn't have enough

    I haven't read the whole thread, due to time issues, but I thought I'd add that we have a Nissan Leaf which we use for our "local" suburban driving- anything less than about 50 miles round trip. It seems ideal for such travel. We also have a solar pv system mounted on our little barn, a...
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    What size trailer hitch ball on a 16-18' deck trailer?

    As posters have noticed, people do a lot of unwise things with trailers. I have a friend who was towing his tandem axle car trailer with a one ton pickup... 2 5/16" ball, trailer brakes, good load binders, everything just as it should be... except he had a burned out license plate lamp. A...
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    Illinois NEW Kubota - L3130HST

    I got your post for some reason- no tractor for sale here!
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    Floor mat for L2501?

    I cleaned my painted steel floor boards, wiped them with acetone, and painted them with truck bed liner about 5-6 years ago. It has held up perfectly, and I am happy with the results. I found a photo showing what I did. It wasn't difficult to do, and well worth the effort, I thought. I masked...
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    I think Paul Short of Specialty Repairs in Newfoundland makes add-on steps, and he probably has one for a B7800? He makes a lot of good stuff for Kubotas, and has had a You Tube channel for many years.
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    Looking for tires for my L3130 (New England)

    Farm service companies can do field mounting of tractor tires. There are some interesting videos of it being done using ether and a match.
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    What Do You Do With Your Waste Oil?

    Don't know if it's universal throughout the state, but here in Baltimore County, the recyling center has tanks for used oil, anti-freeze and such. No limits I know of. And yes, it has value for reprocessing, albeit not much. Burning it is not ideal because of heavy metal contaminants from...
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    bush hog wheel question

    I will report, but it'll be a while. I just looked at "better" rough cut mowers, and tried to more or less match their offset rakes, without creating any issues for myself, like the wheel hitting the frame. I have no idea what brand this was, but the welding precision was awful- whoever put it...
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    bush hog wheel question

    I cut out wedges from the forks, beveled the cut's edges, bent the forks together, and welded them. I think this solves my problem.
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    Looking for tires for my L3130 (New England)

    A couple of years ago, I considered getting some R-4's for my L3400- there was a tire dealer in KY or TN that had a set of 4, on Kubota wheels, for around $1100 + $115 shipping- about half what local sellers wanted. I'd start online searching before I bought anything. Truck shipping cost isn't...
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    L3400/2800 suspension seat...

    When I checked, I discovered I had tightened the control too much. With it properly adjusted, and the seat bearing points lubed, it works like a charm. (I had tried adjusting the control before, but not enough, it turned out- the previous owner must have been a big guy, unlike me.)
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    L3130 1000 hour mark

    I owned our L3130 for a couple years- bought it with 1200 hours, did nothing to it beyond oil changes, grease and adding some LED work lights. It was a completely reliable workhorse. I would have kept it except it was just too heavy for our needs. I think I sold it for a bit more than I paid...
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    Bush Hog and a 1977 B7100

    A lot depends on what you're going to be cutting. If a field of 1" saplings, then a smaller cutter, for sure. If just brush, I still think I'd not want anything bigger than a 48" hanging back there. I just found a 48" cutter, which I am using behind a L3400, and I am happy with the balance.