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    Kubota Regeneration

    Have had my L3560 for about 15 months. I have 150 hours on it. It has regenerated 6 times-each time has been around 25 hours plus or minus an hour or two. I was just wondering about others experiences. Probably 80-90% of the hours have been at 540 PTO speed using a RFM, a tiller, or a bush hog...
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    Mowing Bush hog size for L3560

    I know it had been discussed many times on TBN, and the general consensus is 5 PTO hp for 1 foot of bush hog size. Just looking if anyone has had any real world experience with a L3560 and a "2 inch" capacity bush hog. I need a 6' cutter to cover my tracks- tractor is 70" wide- but worry if I'll...
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    L 3560 Dash Display

    I bought a L3560, and am in the process of figuring it out! One thing I can't find in the owner's manual is how to reset the speed and fuel displays from metric measurements to English. Anyone have any advice for me? Thanks, Will
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    L3301 vs. L3901

    Hello. I am planning on upgrading from my B 2620, primarily to have more PTO power, more weight, and more ground clearance-doing some different work than when I bought the 2620 9 years ago. I am considering these 2 tractors, as well as a L 3560. I got quotes on the 3901 (32PTO hp) and the 3560...
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    L 2501- worth it to me?

    Have a B2620 and it has been a great tractor. Over the past couple of years, I have been putting more food plots in-now up to 3 acres. The 2620 has got the job done, but it struggles with a 60" tiller. I expected the tiller would be a bit much for the tractor, but I know at some point I would...
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    2014+ Toyota Tundra 5.7.

    I have a 2015 double cab with the TRD package, 5.7 engine. I only have about 8500 miles on it. So far, I am very satisfied. It is tremendously more powerful than my 2004 with the 4.7. I average around 15mpg. That is an average of mostly short trips, some towing a 4,000 lb trailer in the summer...
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    Show your targets...

    This is my .30-06 Browning A-bolt, 100 yards off a benchrest. Will
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    ZG327 Value

    A local Craigslist has a ZG327 advertised. The mower has 177 hours on it. Pictures of it look very clean and straight. The asking price is $8500. I think that is a little high, but I don't want to lowball the seller if I go look at it-I am thinking that $7500 would be reasonable-I had a dealer...
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    Used ZTR pricing

    Just learned about a local auction that has several Kubota ZTRs for sale. I was wondering if anyone could give me thoughts on their worth. 1. ZD 326 60" deck, 300 hours. Description is "sharp." 2. ZG 227 60" deck, 120 hours, 2013 model. Description "like new." 3. ZG 23 54" deck, 300 hours...
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    ATV/UTV Pictures!

    My RTV set up to spray food plots. Will
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    Satellite Radio

    I bought a new truck and it came with satellite radio. I enjoy listening to it, but I only drive the truck occasionally. I don't think I can justify the subscription just to have it in my truck. I got thinking- if I could use it when I was using my tractor or mower, it would be worth it-that's...
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    John Deere 420

    Have been thinking about buying a vintage tractor for work in my food plots, and found a JD 420 listed at a local auction. I have a few questions- 1. What is the tractor capable of? Can it pull a 2 bottom plow? How big of a disk? I want to make sure it can handle these implements with a degree...
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    Mid-Mount Mower Food Plot Equipment Advice

    Put in a half acre food plot last year. I enjoyed putting it in and the deer utilized it. I sprayed it with glyphosate with a backpack sprayer, tilled it up, spread 1,000 lbs of lime by hand, and used a push spreader to put on the fertilizer and seed, and rolled it with a land roller to firm the...
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    RTV Steering Problem

    I need some advice for a friend. Started his RTV 900 yesterday, no steering-turn the wheel and nothing happens,it just spins. He has a fairly low hour machine, other hydraulics (dump bed) work, and the machines drives. He lives 20 miles away, so I have not looked at the machine myself-he did say...
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    Air Compressor Advice

    I think I need a new compressor. Went to turn on my 15 year old Craftsman and it moaned and then tripped a circuit breaker in the garage. I may have a friend look at it (I'm clueless about electric motors, etc.), but I certainly won't be spending much money to fix a 15 year old unit that costs...