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    Meg-Mo swinging blades -- first impressions

    Thanks for the update (y) .
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    What is your favorite Quote or Saying?

    In just two days from today, tomorrow will be yesterday.
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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    Yep, whatever fits your loader (y).
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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    You can just buy the hooks and pins and use your steel: john deere quick attach bucket weld on brackets - Image Search
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    Bad Boy Land Plane

    Here is another way to push it:
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    ?????? GROAN 2

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    Safety chain ideas needed

    If you want to buy one check here: OMNI Combo 3 point Trailer Hitch Imatch Compatible - OMNI Mfg LLC Or the one I have: TRANSFORMER Quick Hitch Compatible Platform - OMNI Mfg LLC
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    ?????? GROAN 2

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    If I Only Buy One Piece of Equiptment...

    Apology accepted. Now you can learn to upload pictures. :)
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    If I Only Buy One Piece of Equiptment...

    And only about 2 acres to maintain. It is surprising to me that most of the people that have responded have not read the first 24 posts. Also sad that the OP did not click Edit on the first post and correct it.
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    FEL, TORO Groundsmaster Put Together

    Yep: My Senior design project - a "Swamp Thing" tracked vehicle clone Much more work than my put together.
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    Need more down pressure on my 3PL for a Ripper

    That would be easy to do, drill your upright for the bar:
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    FEL, TORO Groundsmaster Put Together

    Used the 4' box blade on the TORO+Loader to put the raked out hay from the storage barn, into the 6' bucket on the V417: First push: Backed up to get the picture: Moved over and lined up: Second push: Pushed what was left on each side to the center: Final push into the bucket: Job...
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    Help finding heavy-duty U-channel for custom loader attachment

    We need an update please. And pictures of the attachment.