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    H240 loader, leveling indicator issue

    Oops, I missed the "H" on H240. I was thinking the older JD 240 loader, my bad :whistle: :whistle: :eek:
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    H240 loader, leveling indicator issue

    Get the tube style.
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    Buying Advice Considering an early 70's 830

    Range is: I II R If it has Park it is above II I never tried double clutching I had the "I" directly above the "R", but when posting it get moved to above the "II". GRRR!
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    Deere 5500 Clutch Adjustment / Service Manual

    Clutch adjustment depends on which transmission you have. Collar shift and TSS (same procedure to adjust) OR Reverser different procedure to adjust). Post your transmission type.
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    Replacing wheel on gator after flat

    I made a bolt as you describe for the rear wheels on my JD 2030. It has 16-9-28 tires. I got a bolt that fit and made sure it was not threaded all the way. I wanted a smooth surface to slide the wheel. I cut off the head and used a grinder to add a taper, then a hacksaw to make a slot for...
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    Buying Advice Considering an early 70's 830

    Yes, non-synchronized. I normally only use 8th to "road" the tractor. I never use 7th. 6th is the highest I use on my property, usually moving place to place. 4th is highest I use to brush hog. Range II does not get much use (at least for me) Diesel engines have a lot of torque, they can and...
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    Buying Advice Considering an early 70's 830

    The transmission requires complete stop to shift gears (1-4) when in range I (2-8) when in Range II. Reverse only gives gears 1-4. You must stop also to shift ranges (I & II) or to reverse. The PTO is tied to the clutch. It has a two stage clutch. Push clutch pedal part way in and transmission...
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    Change shifter boots on 1970 820 3 cyl

    The ones on my JD 2030 screw on/off. I replaced them just to make the tractor look better.
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    Change shifter boots on 1970 820 3 cyl

    IIRC the JD ones are screwed on. Check if new ones are available
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    Are special tools needed to replace a clutch on a compact tractor?

    I am not familiar with your tractor. Does it have a wet or dry clutch? If a dry clutch, you will need a line up tool, but I have successfully "eye balled" the alignment.
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    Change shifter boots on 1970 820 3 cyl

    Try warming the knobs up with a heat gun.
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    Deere 62c deck anti-blowout kit... what's it for and should I get it?

    I added the JD kit to my 62C deck. Works, but I am not using Gator blades. I also felt the kit would reinforce the leading edge of the deck.
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    Fuel Line Protection

    There are spots on the fuel lines of my JD 6415 that have the split loom for protection against abrasion. You buy for a lot less than JD sells it for, and indifferent materials. I would pick whatever is the most wear resistant
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    fuel leak.

    I had to replace all the hoses (fuel lines) on my JD 6415. They started to leak at the fittings where the clamps were. Not enough line to cut them shorter. I used Gates Baricade hose. It comes in both high, and low-pressure versions. High is for fuel injected cars/trucks. I used low.
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    1972 john deere 820 open center

    I somehow kinked that same brake line on my JD 2030. Probably snagged or hit something. I ordered a new line from JD. It came prebent with flare nuts installed. Fit perfect.