1. J

    Man dies after being trapped under rear tires of his tractor

    Likely while he was putting an implement on. https://www.wabi.tv/2024/06/17/lincoln-county-man-dies-after-being-trapped-under-tractor/
  2. B

    RK 24 Starts then dies immediately

    I have an RK 24 that is less than a year old and has 20 hours on it. I was pushing brush with it yesterday, up a grade and it bogged down. I backed up and started up the grade again and it bogged down again. The third time, the engine died when it bogged down. Now when I start it, it will run...
  3. J

    2017 X738 dies intermittently

    My 2017 X738 dies intermittently, the dash just goes completely black and dies. I can turn the switch to "off" and restart it. It seems to want to do it more often if the idle is real low, and turning on the lights triggers it sometimes. Other times it just dies without any changes, idling...
  4. S

    Branson 2910i tractor dies while in use.

    Tractor shows all fuses good, fuel shutoff solenoid getting 12.2 v, new fuel filter, air filter, will idle and drive about 100 ft then die, I am wondering if fuel pump or injectors are bad?
  5. KilroyJC

    Oregon 22TON Log Splitter Honda 190 Runs, sputters, dies. Occasionally recovers, then repeats.

    So I went out to fire up the log splitter for the first time since last year, and it started on the second pull! YAY!!! and then, after about two minutes, it sputtered Coughed sputterEd, stumbled, sputtered then died. pulled it again, started right up, then repeat. gas was fresh, used two...
  6. O

    2017 3540 with 300hrs starts easily then dies

    Hey Everyone, I have been having this issue for several months. Allow me to explain the problem and what I have attempted and I hope someone has a good fix. :) Problem: Tractor starts easily as normal (with 2-3 seconds of cranking). Runs for about 5 seconds then dies. I then have to crank...
  7. Stampeder

    LS R4041 dying on acceleration

    Got a R4041 which starts alright. When I hit the accelerator the engine dies. Replaced the fuel filter. Fuel shutoff valve works. Fuel is getting to the injectors. Not sure what is wrong. Has anyone had a similar experience? Thanks.
  8. R

    Mowing yard, tractor dies and wont start

    I was mowing the yard, got off the mower to pick something up and it died (have never had this issue before). The only way we got it to start was to jump the solenoid while someone was sitting on it, which it stays running but will not move. It won't go forward or backwards. Park brake is off...