1. workinonit


    I would like to see if anyone has any experience with this subject. I am about to put down a well for irrigation. I want to install a balanced flow, constant pressure pump and system. I'm looking at the Gould 3 phase pump with the VFD setup. Does anyone have any experience with these or any...
  2. rScotty

    Will a JD310 run an irrigation pump?

    This is for a fire protection sprinklers I'm thinking of building here. I'm wondering if there is a way to use our JD310 loader/backhoe to run an irrigation pump. I'd like to pull water from an creek up about 20 feet lift and then push 150 GPM at 90psi. Lots of PTO pumps will do that or more...
  3. plowhog

    Drip irrigation emitters over elevation change

    Over the past few years I've planted about 30 bare root apple trees. Three out of 30 died, all the rest are doing nicely. All are protected from deer by wire fencing. (that ... was a lot of work!) Today I discovered a dead one, in the exact same place where I already replaced a dead one last...
  4. KilroyJC

    2” polyethylene tubing for irrigation— any good vendors?

    I need about 600’ of tubing, and I found a vendor that had it for under $900—- but the shipping was almost $800! our local plumbing supply houses do not stock it and tell me 6-12 weeks to get it in. we are in Western North Carolina. Any suggestions? THANK YOU!!!
  5. KilroyJC

    Looking for advice/ideas on sediment filtration for water coming out of a culvert - feeding a 5/8” water line

    DISCLAIMER: YES - I WILL TAKE AND POST SOME PICS LATER TODAY - Our lot is in a little dead-end valley, and the part that will be farmable once I clear it out - it has not been tended in 50+ years, and there are a good number of substantial trees that need to come down first. Up on the...