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  1. 2

    Re Wiring main switch John Deere 820 (1973)

    Hey everyone, First off the battery box and dash need some dusting. I'm trying my hand at electrical. The original switch was jumped to a toggle instead of ignition by the previous owner. I have a wiring diagram and a new A&I main ignition switch. The back of the replacement has numbering that...
  2. Shmallory0

    Kubota B2910 Not Starting with Ignition Key

    Hello all! I've been having trouble with my B2910, and the key is not turning the starter solenoid on. 650 hours I ran the tractor for a few hours, and then turned it off near the house to go run in and grab some chains. Came back, and it would not start. Dash Lights did come on though when...
  3. Robin Veerman

    CK30HST under-hood relays

    I've been having issues over the past year or so with no cranking when the key is turned. As I've commented in a previous thread. Key switch cleaned then finally replaced and still have intermittent issues. Tractor always shedded. I had a friend suggest to tap the relays under the hood and sure...