kioti dk6010

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    Are tractors waterproof even if they have a cab?

    This might be a completely ridiculous question. But honestly I never thought of it until I busted out the window on my cab. I'm assuming that the underlying tractor is the same as a tractor with ROPs and can be exposed to the weather without worry. Of course there's the issue of a wet seat and...
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    Forks for a 60HP Kioti DK6010SE?

    I've been filling up the forum here with a bunch of questions and I apologize because I know there are fork conversation here but I could not find them. At least not for a tractor my size. Then again, I have only a limited amount of time in my day to search and read. That being said what would...
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    Which 3rd Function Kit to buy for Kioti DK6010SE?

    Ok. So I've seen a Kioti made 3rd function kit(DKA144) that looks super easy to install (video below) but I haven't found a dealer that sells it. Seems like most are installing the WR Long branded one. Is the WR Long any better? If so where is the best place to buy it?
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    Looking for a dump trailer like this one for a Kioti DK6010SE.

    I came across the Multilander by Woodland Mills(video below) but it appears they don't make/sell it anymore. Too bad because it looks really useful. I found this brand(MUTS - Multi-Use Trailer System for your ATV, Quad and 4 Wheeler) but it doesn't look as robust. Anyone know other brands out...
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    How big of a rock/boulder can a 60 HP tractor push on relatively flat dirt?

    I need to push some fairly large rocks around. I've was able to push many of them with a 70 hp mini excavator with a blade but I am wondering what I can do with a 60 hp tractor. I'm guessing the weight of the equipment and it being able to maintain traction is probably part of the equation...