log splitter

  1. J

    SpeeCo 20 Ton log splitter manual

    Hi all, New tonight to the forum. Thanks for having me. I recently bought a used SpeeCo 20 Ton log splitter and do not have the owner's manual. It's about 25 years old. I contacted SpeeCo and worked with them for almost a month now to get one and they have not found the model number, even...
  2. Rob41

    Log Splitter....had to pre-order for May 2022

    I got a wood stove for my barn/workshop and will likely put one in my house to cut down on winter heating too. I have plenty of free wood on my land so that's not an issue. I really don't want yet another engine to maintain so I decided to go with am electric log splitter. Most of what I've...
  3. S

    2010 Kubota L3240HST - What Part to Connect "Rear Hydraulic Outlet Port?" - Log Splitter

    2010 Kubota L3240HST - adding a 3-point log splitter. I have no rear remotes, nor any attachments that need them. I need a Power Beyond (PB) circuit for the splitter. I am aware of loader valve options and I'm not pursuing that. @TMGT did a really nice job getting into the PB between the Front...