ls tractor

  1. nathan1648

    Cross reference website needed for hydraulic lift (3 point) control valve

    Does anyone know of a good site to cross reference website for hydraulic lift control valves? I'm looking to rebuild New Holland hydraulic lift/control valve part # MT40007577 (LS Part #40250285). I have been able to cross reference some parts on New Holland tractors but I haven't had any luck...
  2. L

    Hydrostatic drive and Pto failed

    Hey so I go out to blow some snow and my Pto doesn’t turn on. Then 30 min into clearing snow with the loader the tractor stops and I have no fwd or reverse in any range. Loader, power steering, remotes and 3 point hitch all function like normal. Fluid is full and clean. It’s a 2008 Montana...
  3. ptsg

    2010 LS R50 with 6840 hours!

    Every time I hear or read people saying that these Korean tractors are this and that or are just good for a hundred hours a year, the classic non sense thrown, usually, by green and orange owners. Well, I just laugh at that and think to my self, these people really haven't not seen any of these...