1. rScotty

    Kubota TLB 3rd Function Flow Specs?

    Does anyone know the flow specs for the M59's auxiliary hydraulic Flow Rate and Pressure? If so, are the 3rd function or rear remote rated for continuous flow? Any limits? I can't seem to find any of those specs in the operator & shop manuals. Maybe someone knows about using auxiliary flow...
  2. T

    Backhoe Side to Side -- Stuck?

    I was digging a hole with my Kubota m59 Backhoe and suddenly it went to the right (when facing rear) as far as it could go, and is holding itself there touching my stabilizer. I cannot reposition it. I came back the next day and it had no problem, started up centered, and it stayed there for...
  3. Y

    M59 vs M62

    Maybe someone will know the answer to this question. Is the M59 cab the same as the M62 in dementions? I’m after a windshield assembly and cab comp say they only have M62 size?
  4. mikester

    New garden rake for my M59 BH

    I've been getting overwhelmed with invasives like buckthorn overtaking my fencelines and I've finally taken some action. I fabbed up a 36" wide root rake bucket based on the geometry of my 24" trenching bucket. My goal was to have it work wth my existing hydraulic thumb without any...
  5. M

    Test thread title- Can a thread title be modified after initial posting ( rev 1)

    Test thread- Can thread originator modify thread title after some time has passed by? Rev 1: Added additional tag and added "( rev 1 ) to title