1. Junkmanwalt

    Mitsubishi KE 130 engine

    Engine like new low hours,no leaks runs perfect, tractor had transmission issues they never put back together.
  2. 4

    piston rings .75 73mm model mitsubishi k3d 105686 toro 72-4230

    looking for piston rings .75 73mm model Mitsubishi k3d 105686 toro 72-4230
  3. R

    Mitsubishi MT 320

    Can anyone tell me on the MT320 I just purchased, if the mower deck can be locked in the up position and still allow me to use the 3 point lift? I would like to use the lift without removing the deck. Thanks for any help. Robert
  4. A

    Mitsubishi 3201D

    I have snapped the front loader Hydraulic actuator. The parts manual i have does not address this, does anyone have information on this part and where do I buy it? Ty
  5. P

    Mitsubishi MT23 Gears Required

    Hi could anyone help me with gearbox parts for a Mitsubishi MT23. I’m in need of pinion shaft and drive shaft gears. If anyone is breaking either a MT21, MT23 or MT25 please get in touch. Many Thanks
  6. R

    Mitsubishi MT 382

    Can anyone provide any info as to the Mitsubishi MT 320 / Satoh Beaver 2. Any info on if the belly mower can be locked in the up position while the 3 point lift is used.
  7. R

    Lift on Mitsubishi MT372

    Can anyone tell me if there is a way to lock the belly mower in the up position and still use the 3 point lift without removing the mower attachment?
  8. anstosa

    Mitsubishi D1600 not starting

    I have a D1600 that was running great for about a year. Stopped working this weekend after a friend was driving it (of course). I think it ran out of fuel. Starter: turns over fine Battery: reading healthy voltage, have tried jumping just in case Tank: full (now) Fuel lines: bled from tank to...
  9. 7

    Mitsubishi L3E 3 cyl diesel Pistons. Where to buy them? Next size up (+0.25mm)

    My L3E had a mouse chew up the air filter and now the compression is low enough it will not start. Time for new pistons and a bore. Where can I find good quality (hopefully OE quality) pistons for an L3E 3 cylinder diesel?
  10. T

    Replacement dash Mitsubishi MT2201D

    Today while backing my trailer into the woods I noticed a 30ft long 9inch diameter tree branch laying across my tractor. Bumped the exhaust, bent the steering wheel, flattened the cowling over the gas tank, and absolutely destroyed the plastic dash... Luckily the gauges just pushed down into the...
  11. J

    Mitsubishi R 1500 injector

    Looking A injector kit for my early model R1500 or a complete injector. Believe 1962
  12. 4

    help looking for Mitsubishi k3d piston rings .75 for toro part number 72-4230

    help looking for Mitsubishi k3d piston rings .75 for toro part number 72-4230 45fmj Tom
  13. B

    Mitsubishi R2500 injectors

    Looking for injectors and glow plugs for R2500 Mitsubishi tractor. 2DR engine
  14. R

    Mitsubishi/Mahindra Manuals - Attached Mitsu MT21 - MT26

    Hello tractor peeps, I have recently purchased a non-US sold Mitsubishi MT25C and was on the hunt for some manuals to be able to figure things out and get some stuff hopefully fixed. I decided to scrub the interwebs and figured "Well, it's a Japanese tractor and it wasn't sold in the US so I...
  15. magnoliav12

    Satoh ST2001 or Mitsubishi D2000 KE130 Engine parts

    I would like to know if anyone can find main bearings for a KE130 engine. My rebuilder threw all those parts away for some reason and I'm at a loss to find anyone who has those parts. Any help would be appreciated..thanks.
  16. Erik N

    New Member Mitsubishi D3250FD

    Hello guys, I just joined this forum. This is my first post, I didn't see a "General" forum so I chose this one (mods feel free to move if needed). Anyway, I finally bought a Mitsubishi D3250FD that I had been courting for a couple of years. Year is unknown. Yes, it's a Vietnamese rebuild...
  17. T

    Mitsubishi hydraulic vale

    My hydraulic flow control broke does anyone know of where you can find one or where or who has a parts tractor
  18. NicholasII

    Suzue M1200 KE70 fuel injection pump issues

    Hi all, First of all, i'm very glad to have found such an active community discussing even the most niche of tractors :) I'm sure that with the help of you guys, any issue can be fixed. A little history on my little Suzue, i've bought it a couple of weeks ago. The previous owner told me it ran...
  19. bmaverick

    Drag Racing 2WD tractors, Yanmar, Kubota, Mitsubishi, others

    When you are done plowing the rice paddy or open fields, it's time to say, Hold my beer.
  20. V

    Satoh Mitsubishi etc NOS parts available

    Hello this is absolutely my first post on anything that is that is the World Wide Web. Just wanted to put some sort of ad and let you guys know that I’ve got a pretty big inventory of mostly Mitsubishi and satoh NOS parts still in factory packaging. Mostly mt160 mt180 and beaver 1 and 2 but also...
  21. quinnquest

    Satoh s-373D won't shift into gear

    I have a s-373D and all of a sudden it will not shift into any gear. With the engine on and the clutch depressed I hear grinding when I try to shift into a gear and am unable to shift into any of the gears. It is the same sound and feel as with out the clutch depressed. The PTO is functional. I...
  22. K

    Mitsubishi mt372 decals

    Hey fellow mitsubishi mt372 owners! I have searched and searched for all the decals for my mt372. I have finally found someone that makes them. I worked with this individual to get her all the photos from my mt372 decals and I searched for the rest. She did a fantastic job making me oem decals...
  23. S

    Mt210d tach issues

    Hi ,new to Mitsubishi I just aauird a mt210d that runs great but the tack seem to not be working. Any suggestions on where to start looking and testing? Thanks in advance
  24. I

    Mitsubishi 1601 three point linkage connections.

    Just bought a Mitsubishi 1601 but struggling to understand the three point linkage connections before I buy the actual 3 point linkage. The set up on the back seems different to the pictures I keep seeing online. Picture attached and any point in the right direction would be appreciated. To add...