1. A

    Rescued an old cutter and refurbished it

    Neighbor had an old Long Manufacturing rotary cutter half buried in the woods behind his house. I pulled it out and brought it in the shop. New gearbox and PTO shaft, sharpened the blades, and a coat of paint. About $300 in parts and here’s the end result. Before and after:
  2. L

    Need help turning an old field into a pretty yard

    I know timing is not right for this year. But over the course of the next few years I would like to turn my property from junky thin weedy grass to a nice looking lawn. Maybe the hay guys can help? Bermuda is the only grass I really have any experience with and I like it pretty well. I finished...
  3. N

    Old auger worth fixing up?

    Buddy of mine just dropped this off, he was helping his boss move and he said if no one takes this it’s staying. He brought it to me. Gearbox seems ok. Rotates smoothly. It could use some new hitch pins and missing a yoke on tractor end. I’m handy and can weld. I was thinking about cleaning it...
  4. PedroWelshie

    Advice on after sales FEL for an old BX2200 D (pre-2000 maybe)

    Evening, Thinking about adding a FEL to my old BX2200D - I don't know the year, but its been around the block a bit. Only really gets used for towing a trailer of logs or cutting grass with a 60" deck. I want to be able to do more with it....ideally hedge cutting or adding a FEL. It seems the...
  5. PedroWelshie

    Old BX2200 D starter problems

    First post - So fingers crossed! I've an old Kubota BX2200 D - Its always been a little temperamental starting. Takes a good few go's before things turn over. I serviced last year cleaned starter motor & new battery. Everything seemed peachy and motor would start almost immediately. This year...
  6. M

    Old trucks can still tow! My numbers

    I have owned a 2002 chevy Silverado 4.3L WT single cab long bed since new, but have never used it for anything other than normal homeowner hauling. I had access to larger trucks (rollbacks, medium wreckers) for any of my heavy needs. Over the past few years I lost access to the heavier...
  7. R

    22 year old Steiner

    I see a local 2002 Steiner 430 Max diesel with 1,100 hours. It’s in good shape but the age is worrying. What kind of issues come with age and what would a fair price be for a machine like this?
  8. S

    Need help picking correct oil for my 25 year old 19hp twin Generac generator

    What is the correct oil to use in my 25 year old 19hp, twin cyl, air cooled Generac generator. This is from the old days with higher ZDDP in the oil and I don't want to screw up my house generator with modern oil. The generator has test run more than actual use and only has maybe 15 hours of...
  9. D

    Old Troybilt Horse Tiller info?

    Hi, I'm working on an old Troybilt Horse tiller and I'm trying to identify the model number so I can look up and order parts. Unfortunately the ID tag is gone and the only info I have to identify this tiller is the following: Cast on the handle is GARDENWAY TH-1019 10/25/70. Stamped on the...
  10. Bansil

    Old 5ft king kutter bush hog questions

    I found my old bush hog I used with my Ford 5000, I know I had to fill up gearbox every time I used it. So if I take apart gearbox and replace seals or unit. I would have to modify cat 2 to cat 1, no biggie. Can I use it with my kubota B2601? Can I get a shaft to link them? I went on their...
  11. E

    Old 3pt tiller identification

    I have a 5ft tiller that needs parts and I don't know what brand it is. The gearbox says McKenney on it. It has a chain drive on each end. It has two wheels out back. The only paint I found was under the gearbox and it was red. I would appreciate any clues. I will take a picture and post it...