1. macdoesit

    Brush hog Wet sanded, primed and ready for paint.

    Been raining off and on past several days. Finished wet sandblasting this morning and then primer coat put on. After sandblasting I used my leaf blower to dry and no rust. To keep my sand dry I drilled a 7/16 hole in the 5-gallon lid and ran the sand feed tube thru it. I used a total of 12...
  2. S

    Engine Paint...

    Is their a common engine paint color used on these tractors? Rattle can...?
  3. S

    Bad Boy Paint Color

    I looked around the internet and could not find a consensus on what color best matches Bad Boy Orange. Most folks seemed to settle on Chevy Orange Red engine paint or Allis Chalmers orange. I had some tools I had painted Chevy Orange Red (sku 248941 is the perfect match for Ridgid hand tools)...
  4. newbury

    Recommendations for deck paint for porch

    Any current recommendations for a long lasting deck paint? Tired of every 2 or 3 years redoing.
  5. H

    Paint Question

    I was thinking of repairing a few paint issues on my tractor. I went on line and did a search on Kubota Orange and found that Krylon lists two available, "Old Kubota Orange" and also "New Kubota Orange". I have read where people have bought the paint and it did not match what they were...