post hole digger

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    New Tractor, first post. County Line post hole digger with half of trilobe PTO

    Hi. After being unable to find anyone to build a fence that I could afford; I learned about post hole diggers and other various tractor attachments. A lightbulb went off and suddenly so many impossible projects seemed feasible. So I got a tractor. I got a used one in good shape. After asking...
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    Planting a 150 ft row of bushes. What is the best attachment to use?

    I'm looking at planting a row of bushes. My first inclination was a hand-held auger but that might be a rough go with holes maybe getting to 10". I could use a smaller bit and drill multiple holes and try and combine them into a larger hole but when you are talking something like 50+ holes like...
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    Auger for NH 25s

    I’m in the market for a post hole digger for my NH 25s. I want to get the longest auger I can, in an attempt to reach the frost line. Does anyone have any experience with a 36” or 48” auger on one of these. My local dealership wasn’t able to tell me what would fit and what wouldn’t, but all they...