1. N

    PT425 Attachments for Sale-48" Brush Cutter, 60" Mower, & Mini Hoe -North Carolina

    48" Brush Cutter- Lowered to $1230 60" Mower Lowered to $1430 Mini Hoe Lowered to $1200 They have been used very little, getting rid of some things I rarely use trying to free up some space. Prices lowered to 33% off of new and no tax. Located north of Charlotte NC in Mooresville. Would...
  2. plottamus

    PT425 Electrical Short - Doesn't Start with Jump

    Hey Guys - First time posting. Bought my 425 last June (2021). Love all the info in this forum. So, I screwed up, but hopefully not too bad. Like others, my right headlight went out on me. I figured this was a good time to see if the LED fog lights I had laying around would work as...
  3. N

    PT425 ran great yesterday, won't start today and backfiring through the carb

    PT425 ran great yesterday, won't start today and is backfiring through the carb. It will try to start, pop, and sputter, but can't get her going. Tried a little starting fluid in the carb and it tried to start and backfired through the carb and cought the overspray on fire-- small fire, just...
  4. N

    Anyone want to sell a 1430 or 1445 or downsize to a 425?

    I am thinking of moving up to a larger machine and wanted to put some feelers out there:) I have a PT425 with bucket, brush mower, finish mower, mini hoe, forks & hitch mount. I have been looking for a 1430 or 1445 but have not come across a clean used one. Please message me if you have one...
  5. Red Zebra

    **SOLD** PT425

    PT425 **SOLD** This PT425 will be a nice machine with a lot of attachments for the new owner. -Purchased new in 2007. -Garage kept--NEVER left outside. -900 hours (about 750 actual running hours--left the key on by accident). -Brush mower (not in photos). -Finish mower kit. -Auger with 6" and...