pto clutch

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    pto clutch parts

    I am looking for pto clutch springs for a 48" HOWARD rotovator . All the tractor dealers want to sell a complete PTO shaft/clutch assembly. Does anyone know a source for the springs, or am I condemned to buy the complete assembly?
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    Slipping PTO Clutch on MF 20

    Hello all. I have a problem going on with my Massey Ferguson 20 Industrial with the 6 Speed shuttle transmission. It has a two stage clutch, no multi power or independent PTO. Tried using a bush hog the other week, and noticed the PTO was slowing down (mower noise changed pitch), but my...
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    Pto problem...

    Jd 4500::while using bushhog when I get in thick grass such as the road grass I call it, pto stops...shaft and all.. the manual says not enough rpm on tractor..give more rpm..what do y’all think?
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    Pro problems

    Hi I have a John Deere 4500..operating a bush hog,the pto stops in heavy grass but does not affect tractor rpm..soon as I pick up bushhog, the pto starts back up....all fluids are normal,cleaned screen in sump and changed hydrolic I have a clutch problem?
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    Ford 1720 SSS PTO clutch will not disengage

    I think I may have inadvertently damaged the PTO clutch on my Ford 1720 SSS. It was working fine all winter. The left floor board (clutch side) was loose & rusty so I removed it to repair. I built a temporary floor board so I could still use the tractor. I was using it one day and not thinking...