pto hydraulic pump

  1. rScotty

    Will a JD310 run an irrigation pump?

    This is for a fire protection sprinklers I'm thinking of building here. I'm wondering if there is a way to use our JD310 loader/backhoe to run an irrigation pump. I'd like to pull water from an creek up about 20 feet lift and then push 150 GPM at 90psi. Lots of PTO pumps will do that or more...
  2. D

    PTO Hydraulic pump repair

    I pulled a PTO pump from an old Woods ditch bank mower at work. The idler gear is cracked along the axis, and I found a few toothpick sized pieces inside. I'm assuming the gear hit the side of the cavity and shaved some of it off. I'm assuming the cavity is not repairable, right? The gear is...