pto shaft

  1. C

    HELP! Howard Rotavator pto shaft

    I have an old Howard Rotavator Selectatilth that is missing the pto shaft and slip clutch. Does anyone know where I could find one? The shaft coming out of the gear box is 1.5" and has 10 splines. Also if anyone know what model this is that would help. The factory tag is missing. There is a...
  2. Hughman

    PTO shaft hitting the drawbar

    I was just greasing up the rfm getting ready for the first mow when I noticed the plastic safety guard on the pto shaft mangled in the middle. Looks like the shaft is coming into contact with the drawbar when the tractor breaks over a hill. I was able to get it apart and shorten the inner...
  3. T


    In case anyone takes life for granted when standing near a spinning PTO shaft - here's what can happen when a #8 grade bolt for PTO clutch is no match for PTO engagement at 2000 RPM's (that was my fault - had just turned PTO off and saw I had missed a spot so turned it right back on before...