1. B

    How does the Ventrac ride?

    Silly question, but one of the dealers here mentioned the dual wheels make them ride a lot less rough. I may be overthinking it, but that made me wonder if they're a bumpy ride with single wheels? Can't be worse than my Exmark, yes?
  2. scaredychicken

    What is this machine ???...

    local ad seller says it is a 2021 Kabota (sic) diesel 4x4 ride on mower photo says RANSOMES ... or something like that I have NO IDEA of Brand, Model, HP, year etc ... the ad, description, year, price, colour, and seller's reputation are all SKETCHY curious if anybody knows anything about it...
  3. mikester

    Air Seat Upgrade for my M59 TLB

    Bliss! If anyone else is sick of their crappy OEM Kubota seats with no suspension I've found a relatively painless upgrade that will work for your M59/M62 I took the plunge and ordered the Kubota "L6026" air suspension seat made for the L6060 cab tractor and found that it fits with very little...